Worlds That Should Be In Kingdom Hearts 3

Yesterday I wrote an opinion piece about the worlds I think shouldn’t be in Kingdom Hearts 3 so it’s only natural I follow up to that opinion piece and write a piece about the worlds I think that should be in Kingdom Hearts 3. Again this is my opinion. (Frozen is not going to be on this list because its pretty obvious its going to be in it. No point wasting a slot)

5. Wreck it Ralph 

Wreck it Ralph would work extremely well in Kingdom Hearts 3. And it would be crazy if this movie isn’t created into a world in Kingdom Hearts 3. That being said I could understand if they decided not to turn this movie into a World. There are many characters from different video games in this movie. That would mean Square would have to get permission from a significant amount of game companies. To be honest I can see a world based on Sugar Rush. Imagine how Sugar Rush would look in Kingdom Hearts 3? Hopefully, Square Enix considers it. 

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4. Jungle Book

A world based on the Jungle Book would be beautiful. We already know they were planning on adding a Jungle Book world to the series (Birth By Sleep) so it’s possible we may see this world in Kingdom Hearts 3. Buzz and Woody were scrapped from Kingdom Hearts 2 and are now in Kingdom Hearts 3 with their own world so it would be sense if Square turned the scrapped Jungle Book World into an actual playable world. And besides. We haven’t had a jungle themed world Since the original Kingdom Hearts.

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3. Zootopia

Zootopia would be an excellent addition to Kingdom Hearts 3. I remember watching Zootopia last and I also remember being very impressed with the movie. A world based on Zootopia would work very well in Kingdom Hearts 3. If they do make a Zootopia world I hope it is not like Pride Lands or similar to Pride Lands in any way. A Zootopia world could be a great or a bad thing depending on how Square designs the world.

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2. Treasure Planet

To be honest Treasure Planet should have been added to the Kingdom Hearts universe a long time ago and I’m surprised it hasn’t been added yet. Treasure Planet is a heavily requested world by fans and I think a Treasure Planet world would work very well in Kingdom Hearts 3. If Toy Story is in Kingdom Hearts 3 then a Treasure Planet should be in it too. 

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1. Star Wars

Many people will disagree with me on this one. Star Wars would be perfect in Kingdom Hearts 3. I can just imagine the Star Wars characters having a huge part in the Gummi Ship missions in Kingdom Hearts 3. I can also see a Star Wars world being similar to Space Paranoids and Star Wars would be a much better fit compared to Marvel. I can also Imagine a Lightsaber Keyblade. I know I’m crazy but a Star Wars world would be incredibly unique and interesting in my opinion

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