Why Pokemon Let’s Go is a good thing

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee were rumoured for weeks with the rumour starting on 4chan on April 1st, and unsurprisingly the rumours ended up to be true. The games were officially revealed two days ago, and the reception is slightly mixed but at the same time positive. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee are hugely influenced by Pokemon GO. Wild battles are gone, trainer battles are more accessible, and we are going back to Kanto again. Some people do not like the direction these pair of games are taking while others are curious.

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Personally, I think these pair of games are good things. Here are three reasons on why I believe Pokemon Let’s Go is a good thing

1. It could bring back old time fans

As much as I don’t like it, Pokemon Let’s Go will only feature Kanto Pokemon. The thing is Kanto played a massive part in many people’s childhoods, and this could bring back some lost fans. In Pokemon Let’s Go you can explore areas and battle with friends, In the Kanto region, with just 151 Pokemon. That will be a huge draw for some people. These games are also a reimagining of Pokemon Yellow too, and both Pikachu and Eevee are on the box art.

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If GameFreak market this game right, then it could be huge.

2. It will draw upcoming players to the traditional RPG games

Remember Pokemon GO? The 2016 Summer game that exploded with popularity and has almost 1 billion downloads?

Pokemon Let’s Go is hugely influenced by Pokemon Go to the point where they got rid of wild battles in favour of Pokemon Go mechanics.

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You can also transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to these games, and that could be a huge draw for primary Pokemon Go players.

You can also buy a Pokeball as well, and with this Pokeball, you can store Pokemon from the games onto the Pokeball and bring them around. This could also attract players, and young kids familiar with Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Let’s Go could be a huge social phenomenon, and if these games end up being mega successful, it could attract players to the “traditional” core Pokemon games.

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3. It’s a good experiment. And there are “core RPG” Pokemon Games coming out next year. Everyone Wins

And this post basically sums up this opinion piece. In the end, everyone wins. Pokemon Go fans get their game this year while hardcore “traditional” fans get their normal Pokemon RPG next year. It’s a win, win for everyone. We get the best of both worlds, and hopefully, people give Pokemon Let’s Go a try when it does come out. Pokemon Let’s Go is basically an experiment. This experiment could be an epic failure (which I highly doubt), or it could be a mega-hit. And I’m also going to say that Pokemon Let’s Go are by far the riskiest Pokemon games to date.

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