Why God of War is an Early Game of the Year Contender

God of War is now available to the whole world. You’re no more stuck with waiting until events to see a new God of War trailer. The game is out, and you can play it, right now. 

The review embargo for God of War lifted on the 12th of April, and the game is rocking that 95 Metascore for now. 

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I’ve played the game, and I can say with an enormous amount of confidence that this game is the best game released this year so far and is definitely, far and away, a Game of the Year contender. Here are four reasons on why I think God of War is an early Game of the Year Contender

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4. Outstanding Visuals

When it comes to video games, everything matters and that includes visuals, art style and presentation. God of War rules in this category. God of War is in its own damn league when it comes to visuals. The visuals give off overwhelming emotions, the cutscenes were powerfully made, and the whole one-shot thing does sound crazy, but goddamn did Sony Santa Monica completely smash it. Everything just blends in so well. When it comes to production values, Sony does not disappoint. 

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3. A Powerful Soundtrack

God of War ticks all the right boxes. It’s incredible how good everything in this game is. I’m usually very picky when it comes to video game music, but holy moly did the music in this game astonish me. The soundtrack in this game is magnificent with each track so elegantly made. 

There is not a single track in this game I dislike, also “Ashes” is one of the best video game tracks of all time. 

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2. A Beautifully Told Tale

If I told someone that a God of War game would have an excellent plot in 2010, they would laugh at me forever. Well. Here we are. A God of War game with an excellent plot. 

Kratos is actually a likeable character, and he actually has some personality, he is a father with a son and the emotions displayed in this game and the connection between Atreus and Kratos, were just marvellous. 

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1. An Engaging Combat System

And now for the slam dunk. Yes. God of War has a great combat system and dare I say that this combat system is much better than the past God of War games. 

The combat system has a lot of depth with RPG elements sprinkled on top. The gameplay is meaty, and you can have many different playstyles. 

Throwing your axe and calling it back has to be the most satisfying gameplay mechanic in existence. 

Overall God of War is far and away a Game of the Year Contender. My review will be coming soon so look out for that. 

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