The Last Guardian Review

Disclaimer – I’m playing this game on a PS4 Pro.

The Last Guardian is a fantastic game and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. The game is brilliant from start to finish. Of course, the game has flaws, but this is one of the best games I’ve played this year. The art style in this game is outstanding. Trico is adorable. I loved Trico’s character from start to finish. Trico had so much personality and I actually felt sorry for Trico most of the time. The soundtrack in this game is excellent. There are a lot of high-quality tracks in this game. The graphics are also quite good and the level design is outstanding. The environment in this game was also excellently designed. 

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The Last Guardian Blew me away. The story is extremely interesting and captivating. I always wanted to know what was going to happen next. I was completely hooked on the story in this game and I was very interested. Trico is also a very smart AI. Trico acts like a real pet. Trico can be very annoying and he can be very frustrating, but Trico as a character is phenomenal. The character relationship in The Last Guardian is perfect. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a game with an excellent relationship between two characters. The Last Guardian is a different game, it’s not going to please everyone. It’s nice to get a different game, once in a while. Some people might say The Last Guardian is boring but I for one think this game is excellent. 

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The puzzles in this game are great and they can be very interesting and fun. The Last Guardian creates a lot of moments. There are a lot of unforgettable moments in this game. When Trico gets hurt, I cry a little I was completely attached to Trico. The last time I was attached to a video game character was 3 years ago. 

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The Last Guardian isn’t the longest game in the world. It doesn’t have as much content as Bloodborne or Fallout 4 but the game is nice, short and sweet. One problem I had with the Last Guardian was the camera. The camera was all over the place. The framerate in this game was fine on the PS4 Pro. Overall The Last Guardian is an outstanding game and It’s one of the best games of this year. Recommended to anyone looking for a fantastic game. 




The Last Guardian is an outstanding game. The level design is outstanding and the characters are unforgettable. Recommended to everyone


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