Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Review

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Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition is the latest game in the long-running Tales franchise and it initially released in 2008 exclusively for the Xbox 360 and later again in 2009 only for the Japanese crowd. Tales of Vesperia definitive edition adds the missing content from the PS3 version. In the original Xbox 360, version characters such as Flynn weren’t pernament characters and it never got the additonal pirate girl named Patty and unfortunately, the Japanese PS3 version was seen as the definitive version. Luckily in 2019, everyone can play the best version of Tales of Vesperia. It’s on the Switch, The Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Everyone wins and it’s great Bandai Namco decided to make this game multiplatform because Tales of Vesperia is the best and the most pleasing Tales of game to date and it is one of the best Japanese RPGs ever made in my opinion. Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition is a fantastic way to open up the new year.

Still a Good Looking Game in 2019

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Tales of Vesperia has aged like fine wine. The original Tales of Vesperia was a looker with its gorgeous cell-shaded art style and of course, just like most cell shaded games this game has stood the test of time. It still looks as good as it did in 2008 and it is rare to find a good looking game that far back. The character models of course don’t look as good as more recent Tales games, but it’s just so lovely to see a cell shaded Tales of game again and part of me wishes they can go back to that cell shaded style, something like Ni No Kuni. The cell shading style brings out the best in anime-styled games, and we’ve seen this countless times with Gravity Rush, Ni No Kuni, Naruto Ninja Storm etc.

Tales of Vesperia has the classic Tales of Overfield and it doesn’t look so great in 2019, but it still is not an annoyance. While the game mechanically is old, the game is still a blast to play. Tales of Vesperia is a great looking game and holds up very well. Some say cell shading never ages and I’m beginning to see that since games like Wind Waker still look fantastic in 2019.

Mediocre Music

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Tales of Vesperia has aged exceptionally, but you can’t erase the past. The music in this game was mediocre in 2008 and is still mediocre in 2019. In my honest opinion, there has not really been a Tales of game with good music since Abyss, and even the soundtrack in that game was just “good”. JRPGs such as Final Fantasy, Persona, Kingdom Hearts etc. are known and remembered for their beautiful tracks. Not Tales of games and in my opinion and that’s fine to some extent. It doesn’t have to be a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts but I would if they spiced up the music in Tales of games. The latest game, Tales of Berseria did not have a good soundtrack, and I’m thinking it’s going to be a while before we get a Tales of game with an exceptional soundtrack. Tales of Vesperia has multiple battle themes, and pretty much all of them were mediocre. The best track in Tales of Vesperia is the opening Ring a Bell. It’s such a brilliant track, and in my opinion, it carries the entire the game when it comes to music.

Classic Fun Tales of Gameplay

The gameplay in Tales of Vesperia is raw, fun and straightforward. It’s your Classic Tales of gameplay, and I’ve missed it. Yes, I do think Tales of games can be repetitive, and before Zestiria I was hoping they would significantly spice up the gameplay after perfecting it in Graces F. They tried to spice it up to some extent with Zestiria, but it was a failed attempt with an awful camera with poor gameplay mechanics and quickly became my least favourite Tales of combat system. Tales of Berseria went back to the basics a bit but was still quite complex, and the mechanics were hard to understand so in a way it’s refreshing that we are going back to the past.

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Tales of Vesperia is mad fun. Hearing the party screaming their skills or hearing Estelle shout “Holy Power Come to Me” every second is just great and puts a smile on my face. Can it get repetitive? Yes. But is it fun? Hell Yes.

Tales of Vesperia also runs fantastically on both the base PS4 and the PS4 Pro. The game runs at 60FPS all the time. Both in battles and outside of battles.

An Excellent Cast of Characters

The one thing Tales of Vesperia is known for is for its excellent cast of characters. The story isn’t top notch, but it’s still quite good for the most part but the interesting and captivating characters carry the entire game in my opinion, and it’s something Tales of games have been lacking for quite a long time. The interactions between the characters in this game are great and I cannot name a single character I did not like in this game. The rivalry and friendship between Flynn and Yuri were well executed. The best thing about this game is the main character. Yuri. He is such an excellent character. He is witty, snarky and charming and he is far and away the best Tales of characters and one of the best characters in the genre. Tales of Vesperia has a massive cast of characters, and everything was executed fantastically. New characters like Patty and in a way Flynn were added.  If done right I would like to see a more modern Tales of game with a massive cast of characters again.

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Overall Tales of Vesperia is an excellent game, and it’s a fantastic start to the new year.



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