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Does your soul still burn? SoulCalibur is back with SoulCalibur VI after the disappointing game that was SoulCalibur V back in 2012. Surprisingly Bandai Namco nailed it with this game and this game is the best SoulCalibur game since SoulCalibur III back on the PS2. Bandai Namco has managed to make an impressive fighting game with old and new mechanics and a fighting game that will satisfy everyone.

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Pleasant Visuals 

SoulCalibur was originally known for having outstanding visuals and setting new standards. Unfortunately, things have changed in this day and age and SoulCalibur is no longer a franchise that sets standards for other fighting games. A lot of hardcore fans are very divided with the visuals and graphic design but I for one is quite pleased with them and I think the team over at Bandai Namco have done a great job with the budget they had. With that being said SoulCalibur VI is, in my opinion, an attractive game and it’s a great looking fighting game in general. The game looked great on my 4K TV and it looked a lot better than Bandai’s Namco other fighting game, Tekken 7 which is good because it shows improvement.

The character models do need some work though. It’s clear they were not made for this generation of consoles and are being reused from last generation SoulCalibur games. The good thing is the character models do stand their ground today and are still nice looking but at the same time, if we do get a new SoulCalibur game the team at Bandai Namco would definitely need to upgrade the character models. Groh and Azwel are evidence of this as they are new characters and are by far the best-looking characters graphics wise. Other than that the environments are beautifully designed, the stages are large and spacious and the game overall really does feel like an evolution of the SoulCalibur we know and love.

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Fantastic Music

SoulCalibur has always been known for having brilliant music and fortunately, SoulCalibur VI continues that trend. The team smashed it with the music in this game. The stage select theme is glorious and all of the stages have fantastic background tracks. It also helps that a theme from the Witcher 3 is in this game and brilliant music from NieR Automata will be joining the fun soon.

SoulCalibur VI far and away has the best music out of any fighting game released this generation. It’s just brilliant.

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Lots of Content

SoulCalibur VI is a meaty game. I feel free because I can finally say a fighting game released this generation has a good amount of content. Most fighting games this generation have been poor content-wise. Dragon Ball Fighter Z broke this trend with its good amount of content and SoulCalibur VI seems to be keeping this trend alive for the time being.

In SoulCalibur VI you can play with friends locally or online. You can against other players all over the world through ranked battles or casual battles. One thing Bandai Namco should add to the next SoulCalibur game is the ability to train while waiting for ranked battles. I found waiting for so long to be quite an annoyance sometimes and having the ability to train while waiting isn’t just a good distraction but it’ll make you more confident for the match so, hopefully, this is implemented in the next game.

SoulCalibur VI has multiple large story modes with gorgeous art. In SoulCalibur VI you can play through Libra of Souls and Chronicle of Souls and both story modes are very meaty. If you like fighting games for their single player content then you will not be disappointed with SoulCalibur VI

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If none of those is your thing and if you’re like me and like creating characters in video games then SoulCalibur VI is the game you’ve been waiting for. The character customisation in this game is unbelievable. The different amount of characters you can replicate is just ridiculous. I’m personally not a fan of replicating other characters as I just prefer to make my own original characters. SoulCalibur is known for its crazy character customisation and SoulCalibur VI continues this. Some have already made some interesting characters. Your imagination is infinite in the character customisation in this game and playing around with it can be so much fun.

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A Game for Old Fans and Newcomers 

SoulCalibur VI is a game for both old fans and newcomers. The game at heart is still SoulCalibur. You can use Astaroth to throw people off stages and cause ring outs, you can use Talim’s quick and irritating skills and you can use Nightmares ridiculously long and powerful weapon. It’s SoulCalibur. A new and controversial mechanic called Reversal Edge was introduced in this game. I personally think this is a great new feature as I feel it spices up the game and makes matches much more unpredictable.

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Overall SoulCalibur VI is a brilliant fighting game and this game along with Dragon Ball Fighter Z are the best fighting games of the generation.





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