SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Review

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SNK Heroines is a game that came out at the end of last year for the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. Why am I reviewing it now? Well, it came out on Steam, so I decided to hit the purchase button finally. Nonetheless, It was a regretful one, and I don’t recommend people to make the same mistake I did. I went in thinking this was some fun King of Fighters spin-off with the female cast – unfortunately, I didn’t get that.

Firstly the visuals are dreadful. King of Fighters XIV was also a monstrous looking game, and it would have been unwise of me to go into this game expecting a massive leap in visual quality in a low effort spin-off however I was still hoping the for the character models to look slightly updated. Unfortunately, SNK Heroines looks as unattractive as King of Fighters XIV which is disappointing. Fortunately for SNK fans Samurai Spirits is out this summer and that game is looking like it has solid visuals so it’s looking like we will not have a repeat of King of Fighters XIV/ SNK Heroines.

The music is also very generic and forgettable. That said the performance is probably the strongest thing about this game. The game doesn’t have high PC requirements so it should be effortless to run this game at 60fps at the highest settings. I didn’t notice a single FPS drop which is great.

The female cast in King of Fighters XIV was fine, but for some bizarre and unknown reason, the “heroines” in this game are oversexualized to the highest calibre. I found myself rolling my eyes so many times when I was playing this game, and I was a little bit disorientated and felt quite uncomfortable while playing this. I don’t understand SNK’s goal with this game. It felt like they were trying to find some kind of new audience because this game was definitely not made to pander towards the already established King of Fighters audience. The oversexualized characters are completely unnecessary and are extremely forced and add nothing to the game. Nonetheless, it’s interesting that SNK decided to take this path, but again I find myself confused about who this game was truly made for.

The reason why I say this is because the game lacks any kind of depth. Combos are ridiculously easy to pull off, and it’s not like Fighter Z where it’s easy but fun – it’s just easy and soulless. You can also customise the females in this game and give them accessories, but even that wasn’t fun. The game as a whole has a lot of irrelevant content. There isn’t much to do in this game – like most fighting games this generation this game lacks substance. One would think a game like this would be filled with lots of content and really it should have a lot of content since the gameplay is very weak. If you’re a highly competitive person who actively plays Fighter games like Street Fighter and the rest, then this game will do nothing for you. If you’re a casual fighting game players who enjoy the story modes and arcade modes, then this game will do nothing for you since the story mode in this game is poor. SNK Heroines isn’t a game for anyone and again is not a game I would recommend even to the biggest SNK fan.

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