San Andreas (2015) Movie Review

Rating: PG-13 (for intense disaster action and mayhem throughout, and brief strong language)
Genre: Action & Adventure
Directed By: Brad Peyton
Written By: Jeremy Passmore, Allan Loeb, Chad Hayes,Carlton Cuse, Carey Hayes
Runtime: 1 hr. 54 min.
Warner Bros. – Official Site


Raymond “Ray” Gaines (Dwayne Johnson) is a Los Angeles Fire Department Air Rescue pilot in the midst of a divorce from Emma (Carla Gugino) and planning a trip to San Francisco with his daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario).

Meanwhile, Caltech seismologist Lawrence Hayes (Paul Giamatti) and his colleague Dr. Kim Park (Will Yun Lee) are at Hoover Damdoing research for a new earthquake predicting model when a nearby and heretofore unknown fault ruptures. This triggers a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that collapses the dam and kills Park.

When Ray is called into work because of this, Blake goes with her mother’s new boyfriend Daniel Riddick (Ioan Gruffudd) to San Francisco, instead of Ray.

Hayes discovers that the San Andreas Fault is shifting and will soon cause a major earthquake, thereby destroying cities along the fault line. Emma is having lunch at a hotel in Downtown LA with Daniel’s sister Susan (Kylie Minogue) when the fault shifts triggering a 9.1 magnitude earthquake, with Susan among the casualties during the event. Ray saves Emma from the collapsing building, and they escape the city aboard his helicopter, barely managing to swerve around the US Bank Tower as it comes crumbling down.

In San Francisco, Daniel brings Blake to his office where she meets Ben (Hugo Johnstone-Burt), an engineering student fromEngland seeking employment and his brother, Ollie (Art Parkinson). Daniel and Blake leave the premises, but become trapped in their car in the parking garage after a string of earthquakes. Daniel flees but Blake is found by Ben and Ollie, who help her escape. They then find a working phone and Blake calls Ray and Emma, who fly to San Francisco to save her.

En route, Ray’s helicopter fails, forcing him to make an emergency landing at a shopping mall in Bakersfield. Amid the chaos of looting, he steals a truck and he and Emma escape. They come across an older couple broken down on the side of the road where the San Andreas Fault has opened up, blocking the road and the couple, who happen to own an airplane, agree to give it up in exchange for Ray’s vehicle.

In San Francisco, Blake, Ben and Ollie are trying to find a place to signal Ray, as the point they agreed to meet at, Coit Tower, is engulfed in flames. On approach, Ray and Emma are forced to parachute in the city when a 9.6 magnitude quake hits the city, becoming the largest earthquake in history. Much of the city is left in ruins and Blake, Ben and Ollie narrowly survive. Ray and Emma, realizing they cannot make their way through the destroyed city, are able to commandeer a boat only to see that the water in the bay is beginning to recede, indicating that a tsunami is approaching.

As it approaches, Blake, Ben, and Ollie run into Daniel’s building. Though Ray, Emma and dozens of other people in boats manages to make it over the wave before it crests, the giant tsunami hits the Golden Gate Bridge with an enormous cargo ship, which snaps the bridge span cleanly in two; Daniel is among those killed when a shipping container crushes him. The wave then proceeds into the ruined city, swamping cruise ships and flooding Daniel’s building. Emma and Ray make their way through the flooded downtown area and are finally able to locate Blake, Ben, and Ollie as Daniel’s building begins to sink beneath the water. Ray and Emma break a window and rescue Ben and Ollie; however Blake apparently drowns. Ray is finally able to resuscitate her and the family is happily reunited.

They head to a relief camp where the reconciled Ray and Emma talk about their future; on the remains of the Golden Gate Bridge, an American flag unfurls, giving hope that the city will recover and rebuild as rescue vehicles descend on the radically altered landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area. 75/100



The acting in the movie was on point and there was quite a few very popular actors in this movie like Ray. I couldn’t think of a flaw in the acting but there was a lot of unknown actors that i have never heard about. Another good actor in the movie was Alexandra Daddario. Some of the actors were not very good if you ask me yes i am looking at you Hugo Johnstone and Art Parkinson. Overall the acting was great but there was definitely a few flaws in the acting and a lot of unknown actors. 69/100 san_andreas_wallpaper_1920x1080_by_sachso74-d90pede

Set Design 

The setting of San Andreas is pretty good if you ask me and the designs for a lot of the places look finely designed. Some locations used in the movie were 


Each of these places in movie look beautiful and the explosions and destructions in the movie were very nicely edited too. 79/100


Sound and Music 

The soundtrack in the movie is pretty generic but at the same time it is copacetic. The main theme in the movie is very generic nothing really interesting or exciting but it does have a sweet sound to it. The overall soundtrack sounds very heroic and kingly but it does not stand out compared to soundtracks in other movies and it sounds very generic and unoriginal. 42/100 



The editing in the movie is outstanding the explosions and destruction’s are first class and the tsunami scene was spot one and everything was just so thrilling and you kept on wondering what was going to happen next they really did a remarkable job with the editing. 93/100


Verdict – 358/500 – 72% = B+ = Amazing 




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