Rocket League PS4 Review


Rocket League is an indie game by psyonix for the PC/PS4 and coming for the Xbox One Soon. And i have to say Rocket League is by far one of the best indie games this Year. At first i was not a fan of the game but after playing it for a while i became addicted and it was just so fun.

Rocket League Is a Racing car soccer game and it’s online mode is amazing. Unfortunately the single player mode in this game lacks and can be really boring if you do not have PS PlUS. The great thing about the game is that it is really easy to earn trophies in the game i only played for a couple of hours and i am already at 72% on my trophy collection.

Rocket League is extremely fun and addictive and has a great mix of mechanics and gives players a new experience like i said the multiplayer/online in this game is incredible and addictive. If you don’t like sport games and don’t like racing games still pick up this game because even if you don’t sport and racing games rocket league is still very enjoyable.

Rocket league can also be very competitive and can take a lot of time to be a master at the game the game has a lot of ranks such as rookie and semi pro and also many other ranks if you are a beginner at this game it could take days even weeks to be good at the game. The Rocket league dlc is also quite good i recommend getting it if you have the game.

Rocket league has a great mix of fun and chaos control and it is mostly an online game so if you do not like online games or if you only like games with a story i do not recommend this game to you

Story – N/A

Graphics – 95

Cinematics – N/A

Content – 65

controls – 100

Gameplay – 100

Music – 80

So Lets Give it a Rating

Pros: Addictive,Brilliant Online Mode, Hilarious Gameplay,Detailed Car Editing

Cons: Boring Single Player Mode,AI Teamates Can be annoying,


Rating – 440/500 – 88%

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