Red Dead Redemption 2 Is A Chore To Play

I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for a good while now. I’m not going to give my full impressions until I write up my review which is coming soon but the awful and clunky controls definitely did ruin the experience for me. In this opinion piece, I’ll be discussing the frustrations and annoyance I had with the controls in Red Dead Redemption 2 and other annoying gameplay mechanics.

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First of all the game can be such a chore at times. Sometimes I just stare at the disc in the game case because I know I’ll have to fight with my DualShock 4 while playing this. I had the same issues with Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar just can not master the controls in their recent games, and it’s a shame. Arthur is a bloody pain to control, and it’s weird because his riding on the horse is just fine. Arthur walks very sluggishly and making him run can be a nightmare. When I bumped into objects while on my horse it would take me at least 2-3minutes before I was able to get back on my way and the same goes for when Arthur is not on his horse. Bumping into things was a nightmare. The amount of effort and work needed to do every little thing is aggravating and it really takes away the fun from it all. At the end of the day, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still a video game and I want to have fun while playing a video game and not struggling to control my character. This game has other problems such as being a little bit too realistic and I’ll discuss all that in this piece.

The gunplay in Red Dead Redemption 2 is slow, tedious and again a chore, which is strange and because Arthur is so hard to control it’s hard to get my gun and shoot at other people. Again the messy controls take away all the fun. The gameplay in Red Dead Redemption 2 has been such a snooze because of the messy controls and playing the eventual Red Dead Online is going to be such a pain with these sluggish controls. Things don’t change much by going into the control settings to change the controls a bit. The game is just hard to play and not regarding difficulty, but regarding controlling things. There is no point in having a gorgeous and gigantic world if it’s a damn pain to explore to it. I also had problems with picking up loot from dead enemies, and I’ll get onto that now.

As I said before, the gunplay in this game just is not good. I don’t understand how Rockstar made a game like Max Payne 3 with excellent gunplay and then went on to make Grand Theft Auto V and now this game. It doesn’t make sense. Taking out enemies isn’t fun and looting them takes so long. Arthur controls like a tank.

At times I felt like I was playing “The Sims”. I have to feed Arthur, bath Arthur, cut his hair etc. None of this is exactly bad, but when you have to take out the fun from a game to make it more realistic, then that is a problem. Not for everyone of course but I personally found this to be an annoyance.

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The start of Red Dead Redemption 2 was also incredibly slow and tedious, and I just wanted it to end. The game opens up in chapter 2, but the slowness is still there. Red Dead Redemption 2 is just a slow game in general. Again some might like this but others might not. I’m in the “might not” category. I’m not saying the game has to be like some character action game like Devil May Cry or fast and stylish like Doom. There comes a point where a game is too slow and eventually becomes a slog, and this is how I feel with Red Dead Redemption 2 right now. Red Dead Redemption 2 has some of the worst controls I’ve seen in a game this generation, and it’s disappointing. It’s a chore to play, and the awful controls ruin the gameplay, and the “realism” doesn’t add to the enjoyment.



  1. Steve G Brown

    In many ways, this writer’s assessment equals my own with regard to gameplay systems within RDR2. I’m guessing that Arthur is so slow to move is because MANY OF HIS responses to environmental and PVE obstacles are pre-canned; thereby requiring some insta-loading which takes a beat or two. The IK (inverse kinematics); or, how Arthur stands and moves on uneven surfaces, is also slow to adapt: he’ll slip and fall on common surfaces; he’ll slip and die in strange circumstances, too.

    The horse-washing, hair-combing, food-gobbling, sleeping and more, does tend to be tedious and unfun, for the most part. The random, insta-spawn, monster-closet bounty hunters, every 2 miles, is also a major PITA!

    And, the GUN fighting (imo) sucks in this game, too. The quickdraw mechanic is really unfun, unlike the last version which was a hoot! Oh well, it should be fun; it’s a job. . . . /shrug

    In small bits, the timesink is not so bad; but in the wrong ways that a HUGE world affects gameplay (like that old MMO Vanguard), it frequently can be tiresome and not exciting. /smh
    It’s worth the price of admission though; however, FUN must not have been included in their design document or project management schedules. /shrug2

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  2. Hugo

    Stop playing games if youre bad at playing games. Controls are fine, you have to master them like every other game. Witcher cant play like call of duty buddy. Red Dead has so many controls and items to consider that it isnt possible to put it all conveniently on a limited button layout without the wheel. Once you remember the wheel layout, controls become easy. Just like any other game, it takes some time to get familiar with controls. Its as easy as remembering which direction your favorite gun is in. I had a hard time learning Fortnites building until i mastered it.

    You cant tell me controls are an issue when i can within seconds take out 5 gang members by tossing a dynamite stick in and blowing two of them up, shotgunning the 3rd, then switching to pistols and into dead eye, mark the other 2 and headshot them within a blink of an eye. Done.

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