Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon has sold 7.17M

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon have now sold over 7 million copies unsurprisingly. This makes Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon one of the best selling 3DS games to date.

Let’s compare these sales to some of the past “third version” games.





2017  3DS Pokemon USUM 7.17
1998 Gameboy Pokemon Yellow 14.64
2000 Gameboy Colour Pokemon Crystal 6.39
2005 Gameboy Advacned Pokemon Emerald 6.32
2012 Nintendo DS Pokemon Black and White 2 8.52

Also Platinum sold 7.6M. This means Pokemon USUM is the fourth best selling third version games. Not bad.

Pokemon Switch was vaguely announced last year and is on track to come out in 2018 or later. And of course, the site will be updated once they drop the trailer

Source – https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/software/3ds.html

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