Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Sell 1.2M Copies in Japan in its first 3 days

As expected Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon are a massive success. Pokemon Sun and Moon sold 1.9M in Japan in its first week so this is pretty impressive. Even after all the complaining these games still sold really well. Let’s compare these sales to other third versions in Japan. 

Pokemon Emerald – 791K first week

Pokemon Platinum – 963K first 2 days

Black and White 2 – 1.5M first week

This means Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon are the best selling third version Pokemon games in a long time. 

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon came out on November 17th and are available now. You can read my review here – Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Review

I wasn’t too fond of Ultra Sun and Moon but it’s nice to see it’s selling well and I’m looking forward to Pokemon Switch. 





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