Pokemon Sun Review

Pokemon Sun is an excellent game and I’ve really enjoyed it. This game is very different compared to other Pokemon games but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Sometimes a change is good. So much has changed in this game. For example gym, leaders are gone and in this game you don’t collect gym badges instead you do different trials and you battle the Totem Pokemon at the end of each trial. Trials are basically your typical RPG quests. I actually really enjoyed the trials in this game. To be honest I like the way they made this game different to other Pokemon games. They needed to spice up the game a bit. The graphics in this game are outstanding. This game is the best looking 3DS game to date in my opinion . The characters actually have 3D models and the game has many glorious cutscenes. They also got rid of HM’s in this game. To be honest I never really minded HM’s they didn’t frustrate me but it’s nice they got rid of HM’s. Also Z moves have been added. Z moves are basically super powerful moves that cause a ton of damage to you’re opponent. Z moves are great because they’ll definitely make competitive battling much more interesting.

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One thing I didn’t like about this game was the lack of 3D. Pokemon X and Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha sapphire really struggled in 3D mode so I understand why they had to get rid of 3D but still it would have been nice to play this game in 3D mode. 

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There are many new Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. There’s the starters. Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio which eventually evolve into Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina (Decidueye is my favorite). Competitively wise Primarina is probably the best starter but the other two are still really good. The music in this game is magnificent. It’s much better then X and Y’s music. I especially love Red’s battle theme they really made his theme special in this game. The story in this game is also very good. X and Y had weak stories. The story in this game is an improvement compared to X and Y. 

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This game is also much harder then X and Y and the AI are actually smart and some of them are actually challenging. The game also has many new Alolan forms. Alolan forms are new forms given to Kanto Pokemon. 

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In Pokemon Sun and Moon you’re able to battle fan favourite characters such as Cynthia, Blue, Red and Wally. Pokemon Moon has better Pokemon Exclusives in my opinion. So if you’re deciding on which version to buy then buy Pokemon Moon as it has better Pokemon.

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Overall I really enjoyed Pokemon Sun. It’s not better then fan favourites like Heart Gold/ Soul Silver and Black and White 2 but it’s the best Pokemon game in years. Pokemon Sun is the best 3D Pokemon game to date. A game recommended to everyone who likes Pokemon. 




Pokemon Sun is the best 3D Pokemon game to date. This game is much better than X and Y. 







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