Pokemon GO Review (IOS, Android )

Pokemon GO is a very solid game, but it’s far from perfect. That being said, the game is extremely fun and it will offer you pleasure for hours. I have had so much fun playing Pokemon GO and I have enjoyed catching different Pokemon and leveling them up but anyways let’s get into the review. 

The Graphics in Pokemon GO are wonderful for a mobile game. The Pokemon really look good on my Phone. That being said the professor and the playable trainer have terrible designs. It can take a very long time to catch a Pokemon well, depending on where you live. Like, for example, it took me 15min to find a Rattata. It can take a while to find a Pokemon, but if you’re living in a big city it would probably take you 5min. 

When you start the game you meet the professor and you get your first Pokemon. You can pick between a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, and a Squirtle. I chose Squirtle because Squirtle is my favourite out of the bunch. You’re able to challenge different trainers and Gyms. I thought the gyms were very interesting, but I prefer catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO. You’re also able to evolve your Pokemon. Evolving your Pokemon is very different compared to the main games. To evolve your Pokemon you have to feed your Pokemon candies. Pokemon candies can be gotten after you catch a Pokemon. Just like the main Pokemon games you can get Pokemon Eggs. 

Pokemon GO is a great game because it encourages players to go out and get fresh air and it encourages players to catch them all. The game also encourages players to explore. It’s not possible to catch all the Pokemon in your house. You have to go into the wild, explore and look for new Pokemon. I also love the way Pokemon GO takes advantage of the built-in GPS. Pokemon GO still has a long way to go, but the game is good as it is. 

One thing I didn’t like about Pokemon GO was its lack of Pokemon. I wasn’t expecting it to have all 720 Pokemon, but I was expecting it to have more Pokemon. Pokemon GO only has Kanto Pokemon which sucks. I really wanted to have an Elekid or a Sceptile on my team. Hopefully, they add more Pokemon through updates maybe a Johto update then a Hoenn update and so on so forth. 

Also it would have been much better if you could actually battle Pokemon. I prefer catching Pokemon but I don’t just want to catch them. I want to battle the Pokemon, weaken them and then catch them like the main games. The good thing is the game is a mobile app on the app store so they can easily implement battling wild Pokemon in an update. 

Overall I have enjoyed Pokemon GO. The game is extremely fun and it can be fun looking for new Pokemon. If you like catching new Pokemon and exploring then you will absolutely enjoy Pokemon GO. If you like battling Pokemon then you might find Pokemon GO a little boring. 

The Good

  • Extremely Fun
  • Works very well
  • Can be fun looking for new Pokemon
  • Encourages exploration.

The Bad

  • Lack of Pokemon
  • Can’t battle wild Pokemon

Verdict – 80% – Pokemon GO is an extremely fun game. It can be fun finding new Pokemon and exploring. But, the game needs more Pokemon and more features. 



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