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NetherRealm’s fighting game giant is back with a new entry. The last Mortal Kombat game wasn’t too long ago – 2015 actually but the last NetherRealm game was Injustice 2 back in 2017 which was a solid fighting game in its release year. Mortal Kombat 11 was such a hard game for me to review. At its core it’s a pretty damn good game but if we look at the game as a whole package – if we look at the game at every single angle then it’s actually one of the biggest disasters of this year and I’m disappointed in both Warner Bros and NetherRealm for messing up this game big time with their terrible grindfest which leads to terrible microtransaction practices which completely ruins the enjoyment.

Mortal Kombat 11 is without a doubt the best looking fighting game of all time. The character models are gorgeous, and when compared to other fighting games like Tekken 7, SoulCalibur VI and Street Fighter V Mortal Kombat 11 looks a generation above those games visually. Even when we compare this game to its predecessor, you can see the huge differences in visuals instantly. That said I’m not surprised. Netherrealm has proven once again that big budget fighting games with visuals that can match other genres are still a reality. This was the same with Injustice 2. Injustice 2 looked so much better than other fighting games released in 2017

Characters in Mortal Kombat 11 were redesigned with a more realistic look. Out of all the returning characters I was most surprised with Cassie Cage new design as there was a striking difference when compared to her look in Mortal Kombat X. The new models for some of the characters and the realism was a nice touch.

Mortal Kombat 11 is quite a fun game. Definitely. But just like Injustice 2, the gameplay is also quite lacklustre compared to other fighting games. The gameplay was very slow, and at times I did not have the desire to continue playing over and over again, and that is something that shouldn’t have been happening so early in this game’s lifetime. I also thought that there was a disjointed feeling to the combos in this game. Fatal Blow was a lame mechanic. I felt like it didn’t add any depth to the overall game and it felt like something ripped straight out of Injustice. I’m not a fan of Fatal Blows at all. They were too easy to pull off. Mortal Kombat may have a huge budget, but the actual gameplay isn’t as good as other fighting games. That said I still do appreciate the gameplay in this game. It can be quite fun and overall it’s fair. The game also runs exceptionally too, and I did not notice any drops on both the PS4 Pro and base PS4.

The story mode in Mortal Kombat 11 was very well written for a fighting game. I was not expecting much, and I did not go in with many expectations, and as a result, I was pleasantly surprised. The visuals were outstanding, and the story did not drag on for too long. Other fighting game companies can learn a lot when it comes to story modes in Netherrealm games. I look forward to playing through the story modes in Netherrealm games.

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Where Netherrealm and Warner Bros messed up colossally was with the microtransactions overwhelming grind and skins, taunts and gear take an outstanding amount of time to unlock, and it’s just not fun. Grinding is not fun. It wasn’t fun in Destiny. It wasn’t fun in Monster Hunter, and it’s not fun in this game. The thing is though is I felt like Netherrealm forced the grinding into this game as there is no place for awful grind like this in a fighting game of all things. Loot boxes are basically in this game,  – it’s randomised and getting good stuff from it is near impossible. I’m not going to spend hours upon hours grinding for goods that might not even be good, and Netherrealm and Warner Bros have pushed consumers into one little corner. Basically “purchase our in-game currency or suffer and grind for hours”. That is not fair; it’s not fair to the fanbase, the consumers and the FGC. It’s an insult and is something that must be reversed ASAP!


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