Monster Hunter Generations Review (3DS)

Monster Hunter Generations is an excellent RPG game and it’s the most customizable Monster Hunter Game to date. There are many new areas to explore and there are new monsters and the game introduces a lot of new gameplay mechanics such as styles and hunter arts. The new areas in this game are amazing and are wonderfully designed. This game really gives the player a lot of exploration. The combat system in the game is outstanding. The already good combat system is even better in this game. The music in the game is also pretty good. That being said the graphics are pretty bad even for a 3DS game but the game is still very enjoyable. 

There is also a variety of weapons and gears to craft to make quests easier. There are also a variety of locations to explore and there are a variety of different monsters to hunt. The new monsters also have great designs. You also have the ability to learn new special moves in this game. The new special moves can be very fun to master in my opinion. It can be extremely fun playing online and most of the improvements from Monster Hunter 4 have been carried over to this game.

I love the way this game focuses on the gameplay instead of the story. The story in the game is bland but the gameplay makes up for the bland story. The quests are very fun but they can become very repetitive. The game also suffers from long loading times which can get very annoying. The game has a lot of content but some of it is recycled from past Monster Hunter games.

The best thing about this game are the styles and Monster arts. These new features were beautifully implemented into the game. Hunter arts and styles should have been here from the beginning that’s how good these new features are. That being said the lack of new weapons is disappointing. They should have at least added 1 new weapon to the game just to make the game more interesting but hopefully, they add new weapons soon. The boss fights are top notch and they can be extremely fun and thrilling. 

Overall Monster Hunter Generations is an excellent game. The game is a worthy add on to any Monster Hunter Collection. That being said the game isn’t perfect but it is extremely fun. You can easily play this game for a 100+hrs. There is just so much to do in this game. If you’re looking for a big adventure then get this game. You will not be disappointed at all. This game is a must have to anyone who has a 3DS


  • Massive world to explore
  • Character customization
  • Excellent combat system
  • Excellent variety of monsters 
  • Excellent variety of locations
  • Hunter arts and styles are an excellent addition to the game
  • Special moves are fun to master
  • Fun Online 


  • Long Loading times
  • Poor graphics
  • Quests can be repetitive



Monster Hunter Generations is an excellent RPG. The game is filled with a lot content. This game is a must have for anyone who has a 3DS.





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