Minecraft PC Review


Minecraft PC Edition is a Powerful Alluring Sandbox Game that allows you to use your creative imagination to the fullest. The game looks Graphically Ravishing and it looks and plays magnificent with The Fantastic stable 60fps oh the Glory. The game allows you to explore the mind – boggling world of minecraft and it looks fantastic on your 4K Monitor. The best thing about this game is it still runs pretty good on a low end Laptop. The game is a steal for its price pay $20 for all of this?! AMAZING!! The game is literally your creation, your own sort of digital world yes we know the sims exist but this game takes it all to a new level.


The game is completely jam-packed with high quality content. even without mods or textures the game still has a lot of content. not satisfied with the content?! download mods,textures,skins and more. The best thing about the PC Edtiiton of minecraft is you do not have to spend a precious dime on skin or textures pretty pleasing huh?! This version of minecraft completely and utterly blows the console versions out of the bloody water like seriously the console versions can’t even compare. You can use mods in the game to spice up your world but beware mods can make the game very laggy. Mods pretty much adds a whole bunch of divine creations into your game to stir things up and texture packs makes your game look more stunning. The Multiplayer in the game is utterly fantastic and the servers are extremely boisterous the multiplayer pretty much tramples all over the Console Version. The game is also extremely ahead of the console versions. Also the best thing about minecraft is “IT NEVER GETS BORING” overall a truly fantastic game for all gamers.

Pros – Graphically Terrific,Extremely Fun,Never Gets Boring,Fantastic FPS

Cons – Mods can make the game laggy

Graphics – 71

Music – 100

Cinematics – N/A

Story – N/A

Content – 90

Controls – 90

Gameplay – 90

Rating – 441/500 – 88%


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