Mighty Gunvolt 3DS Review (2014)


It baffles me why game developers in this day and age make 16bit games. Like I am not trying to be rude while the 16bit artstyle looks colorful and  charming it’s just outdated and I find it annoying when game developers try and make a 16bit game. Like it’s not going to bring us back to the past we are still in the present anyways that’s just a little rant. The 16bit artstyle looks good. Mighty Gunvolt is basically a crossover of Azure Striker Gunvolt and Delayed no 9… I mean Mighty no 9. 56/100 



The ost in the game is mediocre at best. Mostly 16bit games have fantastic ost like undertale but the ost in this game fails to impress me. The only good song in the ost is the boss battle and the gym and maybe the title screen. The ost isn’t necessarily bad but it isn’t good either. 60/100

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The Content in Mighty Gunvolt is terrible. It took me only half an hour to complete the damn game. The game is extremely easy, it’s non challenging and it’s short, boring, uninteresting and tedious this crossover spin-off was just rushed in general. 7/100



The controls in the game are flawless. Each character has their own special unique power they can use to defeat those vile enemies which i think is pretty cool. 85/100



The gameplay in the game is also flawless. It may be very generic but who doesn’t love a classical side scrolling 2d game. Yes i hate when game developers make 16bit games but what i do love is a classical side scrolling game. The characters you can choose from have unique abilities and you get to experience beck before the release of mighty no 9. 85/100

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Verdict = 293/500 = 59% = D = Poor 


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