Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 Review

Sometimes with good things come the bad things and this is exactly what happened with Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2. Capcom was kind enough to port over Mega Man X1-X4, but of course, if they were going to port over the first four games, the other four must be included, in its own collection. And that’s not a good thing. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 is a well-functioning collection with all the good features from the first X collection, but it is brought down by the horrible and distasteful games packaged in this collection. In this review, I’ll dive deeper into the final four Mega Man X games.

The Mediocre

Mega Man X5 is by far the best game in this collection, and that isn’t saying much. X5 is one of the weaker Mega Man X games, especially when compared to X1-X4. Mega Man X5 has the great visuals of X4 and some good stages and Maverick boss battles. Mega Man X5 tries to take cues from X4 but fails. A new and unneeded navigator named Aria was introduced in this game, and she does more harm than good. Aria interrupted the flow with useless information and was just a pointless addition overall.

Mega Man X5 suffered from a dull and uninteresting story and dreary music. It’s just not a great game as a whole, and I don’t recommend you play it. Fortunately, it is not the biggest offender in this package.

The Bad

Mega Man X8 is the final game in this collection and the last Mega Man X game in general. Unfortunately, the series did not end on a high note.

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Mega Man X8 was not a good game but fixes some of the problems introduced in Mega Man X7. X had a better role in this game and actually does something and isn’t tossed aside in this game and the gameplay is still very clunky and sluggish but an upgrade from the mess that was Mega Man X7. The visuals have not aged well. This game didn’t look particularly good when it first came out on the PlayStation 2 over a decade ago and still does not look good today. The character models are bizarre and the animations in this game during gameplay were cheap and just weak in general.

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This game isn’t fully 3D like X7 but instead is 2.5D with two fully 3D stages. The music in this game was jarring and wasn’t great to listen to. I felt that the music in these games got weaker and weaker with each instalment but with X7 having above average music than X5,6 and 8.

In Mega Man X8 you’ll play as Zero, X and Axl and you switch them in and out during battle. All three of these characters have their own gameplay mechanics so it can be interesting to mess around with them.

Mega Man X8 didn’t have a great story like some of the other X games, and the villains were entirely predictable. To be honest, the move to 3D didn’t treat our Blue Bomber too well.

The Ugly

Both Mega Man X6 and X7 are some of the worst games you’ll come across. It was pretty hard to say which was worse but ultimately X6 was better than X7 for a few reasons.

Mega Man X6 was a huge disappointment, and it was clear the team at Capcom didn’t know where to take this series anymore, and this is when the series truly started to show its cracks. Mega Man X5 was supposed to be the final game in the series, of course, they couldn’t just get rid of the X series since it was still quite popular back then, so they continued it which resulted in X6,7 and 8.

Mega Man X6 has a nonsensical plot and the worst music in the entire Mega Man series. The gameplay was abysmal with the controls being awful. Mega Man X6 was also clearly rushed for release. The stages were extremely underdeveloped. They were either filled with spikes or some other cheap things. There was no creative level design in this game, instead, the level design was mundane, and the Mavericks were highly unbalanced.

Mega Man X6 isn’t just a terrible Mega Man game, but it’s a terrible platformer, period.

Mega Man X7 took the franchise to a new low. X7 is barely a playable game, and everything about it is unbearable. This game had better music than the later X games, but the boss battle theme is one of the most annoying boss battle themes you will hear in gaming.

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Mega Man X7 abandons X, the main character of a new character named Axl who was the main character in this game. Axl was not a likeable character. He was irritating, and his gameplay style was unsatisfying.

The voice acting in X7 was a travesty. Sometimes the Mavericks would scream their moves over and over, and if you add that to the horrible boss music and clunky battles, fighting Mavericks was just a pain. The camera in X7 would go all over the place every single time, and the experience overall was just terrible.

Buy The Legacy Collection X Instead

The first Legacy Collection is a celebration of the highs of Mega Man, and I definitely recommend it. If you already bought it then buy it again and again, this collection, in particular, should be highly avoided, even if you’re a big Mega Man fan.


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