Mega Man 11 Review

Mega Man 11 is an odd one. It’s not a terrible game, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed when I finished it. I’ll explain all of that in this review. This was a difficult one to score

Mega Man 11 is the newest game in the Mega Man franchise. The last mainline Mega Man game was all the way back in 2010, so eight years ago, since then, the Mega Man franchise has been going through a rough spot with the cancellation of games and key members leaving. Mega Man 11 plays just like NES games. Exactly like them, with barely any innovation. If you are familiar with the old school Mega Man games, then you’ll be familiar with this game as nothing has changed. They introduced a new system called “gears”, and they’re pretty basic as a feature but are a neat little addition that sprinkles a bit of freshness.

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The visuals in this game won’t make your jaw drops like Red Dead Redemption, and they most certainly do not look as good when compared to other platformers. But this nice cell shaded cartoony art style really worked in this game, and I wouldn’t mind if Capcom kept this art style for future Mega Man games (Not Mega Man X though. That deserves beautiful 2D sprites.)

The stages were bright and colourful, the enemies had great animations and the presentation overall was just warm, and I would say “clean” is the perfect word to describe the presentation.

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The Worst Soundtrack of 2018

Honestly, I have no idea what happened to the soundtrack in this game. It was just so cheap and soulless like no time or effort was put into it. This kind of music isn’t the Mega Man I remember, and this was far and away the most disappointing thing about this game. The atrocious music in this game felt like some kind of betrayal since Mega Man is known for its cool tunes.

I was extremely disappointed with the soundtrack as a whole. Every single track was awful and for that Mega Man 11 has the worst soundtrack of this year for having no redeeming tracks. A shame.

It’s Still Mega Man

Mega Man 11 is the Mega Man you remember from 1987. Barely anything has changed except for the neat new feature called gears. Still, I felt that Capcom didn’t show off the gears too well in this game and I’ll get into that in this review.

In Mega Man 11 you pick between one of the eight bosses and beat them one by one. When you beat the robot master, you will get a special skill. Now the special abilities in this game were fantastic, and it’s the best the series has ever had. I found myself using a lot of the skills in the game, unlike past Mega Man games where I just stuck with the Mega Buster. It’s great that Capcom nailed this part of the game and I applaud them for that.

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Each Robot Master has a weakness, and they are weak to one of the skills you get upon beating the Robot Master. The controls were tight, and the game ran extremely well, and everything was smooth. Mega Man’s jumping animation was annoying at times, but I quickly got over it. The same problem in the demo still appeared in the full game, so that was disappointing.

The stages were pretty good. They weren’t cheap like Mighty No 9, and the level designs were great. The stages in this game are bigger than the stages in past Mega Man games, and at times I felt the stages did drag on a little.

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Overall the gameplay is good, but there isn’t much else to say. Mega Man always has consistent gameplay for the most part. Some of the stages were fun, and some were not. Again this game is still Mega Man and doesn’t do anything “huge” to spice up the franchise, and I guess in a way it makes sense since this was Mega Man’s big revival, but it is still a little bit disappointing. The story was the usual snoozefest, and the lack of key characters like Proto-Man was a bummer. It’s a shame Capcom didn’t give us a boss fight against Bass. This boss fight could have really shown off the double gear mechanic.

Overpriced. Not A Lot To Do

Overall Mega Man 11 isn’t bad, but it’s undoubtedly overpriced, and I felt quite disappointed when I finished it. There isn’t really anything else to do once you complete the 4-5hr story. I didn’t feel satisfied with the game and it now just sits on my shelf. Mega Man 11 reminds me of a meal that doesn’t fully satisfy you, and you’re just itching for more. Wait for a sale on this one and pick up the Mega Man X Legacy Collection instead.


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