Mega Man 11 First Impressions

I’ve played the Mega Man 11 Demo over five times, so I think it’s safe to write a first impressions opinion piece.

The Positive

Mega Man 11 is the next game in the Mega Man franchise. The last mainline Mega Man game was all the way back in 2010, so eight years ago, since then, Mega Man franchise has been going through a rough spot with the cancellation of games and key members leaving. Mega Man 11 plays just like NES games. Exactly like them, with barely any innovation, and that’s fine. If you are familiar with the old school Mega Man games, then you’ll be familiar with this game as nothing has changed. They introduced a new system called “gears”, and they’re pretty basic features but are a neat little addition that sprinkles a bit of freshness.

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With the new gear system, you can slow down time for a short amount of time or perform powerful attacks with the power gear. I also noticed that the additional power-ups in this game were significantly better than some of the power-ups you received in past Mega Man game. I found myself using them a lot, especially the powerup received from Impact Man which allows you to do a nice little air dash, it isn’t as fluid as Mega Man X’s air dash, but it’s still something.

The controls were smooth and fluid for the most part. Mega Man’s running animation wasn’t a problem for me, the game played just like a Mega Man game, at times, a little bit too similar but I’ll get to that eventually. The level design was tight, it was all so well done, Block’s Man’s level was surprisingly long, much longer than any level in the other Mega Man games and that is a welcoming addition.

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Block Man himself was a tough boss and the obstacles, in general, were tough to get through, I found myself dying multiple times during my playthroughs, what makes this good is I didn’t die from cheap level design, I died from my own mistakes, and that is key in any platformer. It’s why games like Mega Man X6 didn’t work.

There is a lot of good things to say about this demo, of course, I do have some nitpicks.

The Negative

The music was downright horrible; I was shocked when I booted up the demo and heard the horrendous music blasting from my TV, hearing this type of mediocre music, especially from a Mega Man game is disheartening. The music was generic, and Block Man’s theme was abysmal.

I also had a problem with Mega Man’s jumping animation. It’s very similar to his jump in the NES games, at this point it’s outdated. Mega Man’s jumping was bizarre, and I found myself dying a lot because of his uneven jumping, it was like there was input lag, but there wasn’t, it’s just that his jumping was really off.

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Mega Man’s hit stun animation was also an annoyance, whenever Mega Man got hit he would stand there and freeze for a few seconds, this is fine, but it lasted too long, Capcom should reduce it in my opinion.

Overall it was a good demo, needs some tweaks but this game has good potential.



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