Kirby Triple Deluxe 3DS Review


tumblr_n5mo1j8JYR1reats2o1_500Kirby Triple Deluxe is a game for the nintendo 3ds and it came out in 2014 so yeah lets get straight into the review!! Kirby triple deluxe is a Good Platformer for the 3ds the game looks stunning and plays amazing. The game has a couple of modes such as story mode, kirby fighters and dedede tour. The Bosses in the game are quite easy but are also fun to battle and the design for the levels look amazing too. IUhkisjThe Game also reminds me of Kirby Adventure wii!! Kirby has a lot of forms such as the ice form and the warrior form. The game can get a bit boring sometimes and some levels can be very boring and the story mode is very bland it is a typical save the world game. Kirby triple deluxe is a great game and it is a must have if you enjoy the platform genre. The game is easy and it is not frustrating and it can be fun to collect all the sun stones and overall the game is jam packed with content. Unfortunately the game is a little bit too easy and the final level was a big let down overall the game could have been a little harder!!

Graphics – 86

Music – 89

Cinematics – N/A

Story – 80

Content – 89

Controls – 80

Gameplay – 80

Pros – Looks Stunning,Fun Platformer, Jam Packed with Content,Good Level Designs

Cons – Bland Story, Some Levels can be boring, Most levels require no skill at all, Too Easy,

RATING – 504/600 – 84%


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