Kirby: Star Allies Review

Kirby Star Allies is the latest Nintendo Switch game and the newest game in Kirby’s great adventure. Unfortunately, this game left me very bitter, and this is the first time in a long time I’ve been disappointed with a Kirby game. This particular game definitely isn’t a bad one, but it is a let down compared to other Nintendo Switch games. 

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Visually this game is very impressive. The levels in Kirby Star Allies are filled with colour and bosses in this game have great designs. This is by far the best looking Kirby game. Hal Labotary put in a lot of effort into the presentation, and it shows. Kirby Star Allies is one of the best looking Nintendo Switch game out there. 

Just like Sonic, Kirby games are known for excellent music, and this game doesn’t break the trend. The soundtrack in this game is marvellous. The boss battle theme is fantastic and it really gets you pumped up. You will not be disappointed with the music in this game

A lifeless game with a disappointing framrate

This game absolutely smashes it when it comes to visuals and music but when it comes to everything else this game ultimately falls flat. Kirby Star Allies fails to excel in any other category. 

When I played the demo, I wasn’t impressed. There was some fun to this game but nothing exceptional, so I decided to pick up the full game and here we are. 

The first few stages in this game are quite fun, but then the game becomes an absolute bore as you continue. 

This game is also incredibly easy. You’ll breeze through the levels. I’m not saying easy games are “lousy”, but when a game is easy, shallow and dull with uncreative level designs, then that is when I have a huge problem. I found myself getting so bored while playing this, constantly beating bosses with ease and breezing through levels. 

The Allies mechanic also completely ruins this game in my opinion. Your “allies” just take out all the fun from this game, and there is no way to turn off this dumb mechanic. Your allies are too smart, and that’s a problem. They do too much and end up beating enemies or solving puzzles for you. The whole allies mechanic is the main problem this game has, and this single mechanic ruins the entire game in my opinion. 

The framerate in this game was also extremely disappointing. Most of the other Kirby games ran at 60fps. Kirby doesn’t work at 30fps, and this game is proof. Everything is so sluggish which makes the game less enjoyable. 

I’m not saying 60fps is law. But some games just don’t work at 30fps. And this game is one of them. 

Honestly. At this point, Kirby needs to try something new. This game plays it just too damn safe. It’s just your same old same old, and this game doesn’t take the series to the next level. Instead, it adds a silly gimmick and is plagued with the horrible 30fps. 

Overall the game isn’t bad. But it is definitely one of the weaker Nintendo Switch games.  


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