Insider: “Xbox Anaconda aims to be the clearly better performing device” compared to PS5

Sony revealed their powerful PS5. It’s looking like it’s going to be an expensive beast and I’m in day 1 but according to insiders the codename Xbox Anaconda is said to be the more powerful device.

asking to Twitter, journalist Ainsley Bowden — citing “multiple insiders” — has said that the next-gen Xbox, codenamed Xbox Scarlett, will be “more advanced” than the PS5. What this exactly means, isn’t clear, but it suggests it will be more powerful and perhaps be more feature loaded than what Sony has cooking up.

Bowden notes that his sources are “known sources” and have provided accurate leaks for years. In other words, he isn’t hearing this from some random 4chan poster. That said, as Bowden points out, it’s not that surprising the next Xbox will be more powerful than the next PlayStation, as Microsoft has recently been chasing the all-mighty title of the world’s most powerful console. This began with the Xbox One X, and Microsoft has said it plans to continue this pursuit into next-gen.

This is all so interesting. We saw the Xbox One get criticised because of it being underpowered compared to the Playstation 4. Will history repeat itself? Is Microsoft coming for the crown? We’ll see. The coming months should be interesting anyways!

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