I am Setsuna Review (PS4)

I am Setsuna is a wonderful game. The game is very similar to Bravely Default and it uses the same active time battle system as Chrono Trigger and in my opinion, it’s nice to have an old school turn based RPG. The game is really a blast to the past. I am Setsuna is a sorrowful tale that sends the player to a land covered with snow. The main character in the game is Setsuna and you travel with Setsuna to help save the people of her homeland.  The graphics in the game beautiful. Each and every character has a wonderful design and the overworld is nicely designed too. 

Just like Chrono Trigger this game has a fantastic soundtrack. The music in this game is very calm,nice and peaceful. I especially like the battle theme in this game. The battle theme is very calm but at the same time, it’s very upbeat. The characters in I am Setsuna are well developed and are very likable. Setsuna is also a very good main character. 

The story in this game is impressive. The story is very emotional and it’s told very well. The game also has great pacing. The story in the game is nice and unrushed. If your looking for a game with a good story then you will not be disappointed with this game. The combat system in this game is excellent and boss battles can be exciting. Also, this game is not a grind fest. This means you can sit back and enjoy the story without grinding every time and making the game repetitive for yourself. This game also has no random encounters. Your also able to customize your character in this game. 

I am Setsuna is a very fun old school JRPG but it does have its flaws. For example, the loading times in the game can be very long and repetitive and it can be very frustrating entering a new area and waiting a while for the area to load. JRPG wise this game is very short. The game is only about 15hrs- 20hrs. The game has an excellent story but I feel it could have been much longer. The game is also extremely easy. If you’re looking for a challenging JRPG then this game might not be for you. That being said this game is a good game to start off with if you’re new to JRPGs.

The areas and locations in the game are beautifully designed but can get repetitive and the game also lacks a world map which is disappointing. 

Overall I enjoyed I am Setsuna. If you’re looking for a nice JRPG with a beautiful story then get this game or wait for the price the drop. If you’re looking for a challenging JRPG then this game might not be for you.


  • Excellent Characters
  • Excellent Soundtrack
  • Fantastic Emotional Story
  • Good Pacing
  • Excellent Battle System
  • Beautiful Visuals and presentation are excellent. 


  • Repetitive Loading Times
  • Lack of Content
  • No World Map
  • New areas can feel repetitive



I am Setsuna is a wonderful game. The game has excellent characters and it has a very strong emotional story. That being said the game is very short and the loading times can be long and repetitive. 



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