Fire Emblem Fates Conquest 3DS Review


The graphics in fire emblem fates looks stunning for a 3d’s title. The game still has the 2-D sprites which look great too but they have improved the 3d characters by a mile and the new character textures just look stunning. Overall the game was greatly improved in terms of graphics which is a good thing. 85/100


The music in fire emblem fates is very soothing and relaxing to listen to. Each and every soundtrack sounds great and it literally hypes me up every time i prepare for battle. The battle theme is fantastic too probably the best fire emblem battle theme in my opinion. 87/100


I am not a very  big fan of tactic rpg’s and I must confess i do find them a tad bit confusing but even though i find fire emblem fates a bit confusing it still feels like I know what I am doing. Anyways the control’s in fire emblem fates is  great and while it can be very confusing for some you can still understand what to do and as you play through the gameplay you would start to understand how to play the game properly. 83/100 


The player will take on the role of an Avatar who was born to Hoshido royalty, but raised by the Nohr royal family. On the brink of war, the player must choose whether to follow the destiny tied to their birthplace or the fate bound to the country that raised them. Siding with the Hoshido kingdom will involve the player defending it from the invading Nohr kingdom. Aligning with the Nohr kingdom will involve the player in a revolution within the Nohr kingdom. There is an option to not align with either path; this will reveal a new story responsible for the events of Fire Emblem Fates. During the events of all three paths, the Avatar faces many problems along the way, forcing them to make hard choices throughout the story, some of which result in the death of certain characters.

Having come of age, the Avatar is sent by Garon on missions against the Hoshidan army. They end up going to Hoshido after their companion Gunter falls into a chasm when Hans suddenly attacks him. Wandering in shock, they are captured by Rinkah. Recognized as one of the Hoshido royal family, the Avatar is brought to meet their relatives at the capital city, along with Azura. Nohr soldiers then attack the city, with a hooded assassinwho attempts to kill the Avatar. Mikoto, the Avatar’s biological mother and queen of Hoshido, shields them at the cost of her life. In the aftermath, the Avatar comes into possession of a legendary sword called Yato, said to belong to the one who will save the world.

In the opening battle between the two kingdoms, the Avatar’s two families meet, and the Avatar is forced to choose between Hoshido and Nohr. In the Birthright and Conquest routes, the Avatar chooses either  their hereditary or adopted family respectively. This causes them to be denounced by the other side, and they are gradually forced to fight them.  

In the Conquest route, the Avatar both fights in the war against Hoshido, and works with his adoptive family to oust Garon from the throne. Fighting and sparing their Hoshidan siblings Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura, they are then ordered by Garon to kill Ryoma. After they fight, Ryoma spares the Avatar the agony of killing their own brother by killing himself. However, after the impostor is defeated, Takumi, possessed by Anankos, attacks the Avatar, and the Avatar is forced to kill Takumi in order to defeat Anankos.

In both routes, the Avatar confronts Garon and reveals him to be a monster serving the dragon Anankos who killed and replaced the real Garon and has been provoking the war. Azura exhausts her powers helping defeat the false Garon and dies. 97/100


The cinematic’s in fire emblem fates is outstanding. I was very shocked when i saw the cinematic’s in this game. This game probably has the best cinematic’s out of any 3DS game it just looks stunning in my opinion and makes the game more enjoyable. 92/100


The gameplay in fire emblem fates is fantastic, yes i hate tactical rpg’s but the gameplay in this game makes me forget it’s a tactical rpg because i love thinking about what i am going to do next to beat the enemies. The family tree for fire emblem fates Conquest amazing and it is much better than the family tree in fire emblem fates birthright. The gameplay in fire emblem fates conquest is quite similar to birthright. Ultimately i prefer the gameplay in this game to birthright because i love a challenging,dark and grindy adventure. 98/100 


Fire emblem fates is a very grindy rpg so you definitely won’t finish it in one day. The game has a bunch of unforgettable content and the romantic routes is a little nice touch to the game. I did not play awakening so this is my first fire emblem game and to be honest i was not disappointed. This is fantastic and even though I have never played a fire emblem game playing this game already makes me a fan i legit cannot wait for the next installment. 87/100

Verdict = 624/700 = 90% = A+ = Outstanding

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