Fifa 18 Review

This is a very late review, but it’s better to get it out now before Fifa 19 launches next month.

Fifa 18 is the latest game in the popular Fifa franchise and came out on September 29th 2017 and has received numerous updates. Fifa 18 doesn’t do much to change the franchise and doesn’t spice up the franchise as Fifa 17 did with the journey back in 2016. This is Fifa through and through, if you’ve enjoyed other Fifa games and don’t mind the little changes then I recommend you just go and buy this game now, but if you want a game with new features and innovation, then I think you should continue to read this review.

Dull Visuals

The visuals in Fifa 18 aren’t anything to write home about; in fact, if you compare the visuals to Fifa 17, you will notice that there isn’t much of a change or there isn’t much of a significant departure when it comes to visuals. Fifa is still struggling with facial animation, and it has never been the strong franchise suit. When compared to other games in this generation, Fifa 18 falls flat, or even when you compare the visuals in this game to its other football rival, Pro Evolution Soccer; you would notice immediately that Pro Evolution Soccer has much better visuals than Fifa 18. The goal nets are quite dreadful, and they could have been a lot better in my opinion.

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The environment and stadiums look fine, but as I said in the beginning, nothing to write home about. With all this being said, good visuals aren’t a necessity for a franchise like Fifa, but it would be nice if the game looked better and had more ambition when it comes to graphics.

Lot’s of Content

Fifa 18 filled with content, and there are lots to do, and the game is packed with a variety of different modes. The journey isn’t the new hot thing like it was back in 2016 and it’s not particularly great, but it’s still there to try out, and it’s quite lengthy. There is also a career mode which has been a staple in  Fifa games over the years.

There is a tournament mode too. Fifa 18 is especially fun for couch co-op play. If you prefer to play with friends one to one in real life then you can satisfy those needs with Fifa 18, If couch co-op isn’t your thing, then you can play online with friends or with people from all over the world.

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And now for the main mode, the selling point of Fifa. Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team is an addicting mode in Fifa 18 where you can buy packs with coins or Ultimate Team points. You can buy Bronze Packs, Silver Packs or Gold Packs and sometimes you could be lucky and get an infrequent player.

In Ultimate Team you’ll create a team using Fifa coins or Ultimate Team points. When you first start Ultimate Team you’ll have to do a variety of different tasks to get Fifa coins and different packs, most of these tasks are tedious, but some of them can be great fun sometimes, even if you’re an Ultimate Team veteran you can still do these tasks to increase your Fifa coins.

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If you’re not interested in Fifa packs, you can buy Fifa players from the store using Fifa coins. The same rarity applies to the players. Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the ranking, the better the player. Players come in different chemistry styles so you’ll have to find a player to fit your style and you’ll have to find a player that will blend in well with your team.

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If you’re short on Fifa coins, you’re able to sell your players on the store, and other players can bid for these players. At times selling players can be fun and thrilling. Ultimate Team as a whole is fun, but it cannot be the selling point of Fifa forever.

The gameplay in Fifa 18 is fluid and smooth but not much has changed, if you’re coming fresh from Fifa 17 then you may find Fifa to be tedious even when you first start playing it.

Not Recommended

Overall it’s Fifa. If you’re a fan of Fifa then just go buy the game as you’ll know what you’re getting. If you are a casual Fifa player and expecting some new stuff and changes then don’t as you’ll be disappointed. Overall if you’ve played Fifa 17, then I definitely think you should pass on this one.


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