Entwined PS4 Review (2014)


Entwined has a stunning artistic art-style. When the game was offered as one of the free psn games in july i thought this game would be one of those terrible indie games but I was wrong. The art-style in this game is godly and it just looks very attractive on the big screen. The graphics on the PS4 looks dazzling compared to the ps vita version of the game. 90/100 



The music entwined is great and it is very soothing and relaxing to listen to.  Most of the tracks sound very nice and are very nicely composed but 1-4 tracks sound average at best there fine but they could be better and those 1-4 tracks are very forgettable. Overall Entwined has a great soundtrack and it is very relaxing to listen to. 80/100



The story in entwined is humdrum. It is basically about two souls. A fish and a bird and they are in love with each other but can’t be together but when they do unite they turn into a pretty soaring dragon. Basically the story is mediocre and it doesn’t WOW me. 55/100 



The game really doesn’t have any cinematic’s excluding the beginning so i guess i can only judge the cinematic’s based on the beginning of the game. The cinematic at the beginning was charming and it was one of good cinematic’s i have seen in a while. 78/100 



While the game can be very addictive it does lack a lot of content. I finished this game completely under 2hrs which and challenge mode well isn’t very challenging. The game is approx 1-2hrs depending on your skills. The content in the game is very displeasing and they could have easily made this game have 50+ lifetimes. 10/100



The gameplay in this game is wonderful. Each and every level is created very artistically and every level looks beautiful too. The lifetimes can be quite difficult but that just adds more fun to the game because who doesn’t love a challenge. Entwined has beautifully made puzzles and the gameplay in this game overall is amazing. 86/100



The controls in entwined are smashing. It can be really easy to control the game unlike the ps vita. The controls for the ps vita version of the game were terrible. Overall the controls are great. 84/100



Verdict = 483/700 = 69% = Mediocre = C



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