EA E3 2016 Conference Review

Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting this conference to be good in fact I told myself this conference would be average and I was right. The conference was extremely lackluster and everything about it was boring. The presenter was fine but the games shown were mediocre excluding Mass Effect, TitanFall 2 and Battlefield 1.  Also, it looks like Fifa is going to change this year too. Finally. Fifa got a new and improved career mode with an actual story and don’t get me wrong the story mode looks promising but I am not too excited about it because I have a feeling the story in Fifa 17 will end up being garbage. 

Also, we got to see Madden 17 and yeah this game is worse than Fifa. Also, why did they give Fifa a “real” story but not Madden?! Like how does that make sense in any way? Do EA want Madden to fail or what?! As much as I hate the Madden games I think it deserves a story because It’s one of EA’s sports games too right?! 

But yeah I wasn’t excited for Madden in any way possible the game still looks extremely boring. They also teased a new Starwars game but we got no trailer which was disappointing but hey the game is coming out in 2018 right I think no trailer was expected. We also got to see a new indie game named “Fe” it’s quite an unusual name if you ask me. The game looked very promising. It reminded me of Journey and Unraveled and hopefully, the game will end up being good. We also got to see a new Titanfall trailer and the game looks great so far. We got to see some Battlefield and the game does look promising and hopefully, it will be better than Battlefield Disaster Hardline.  We also got to see snippets of Mass Effect Andromeda and honestly I can’t wait for that game. Overall the Conference was boring excluding 3 games and a promising new one. 

Verdict – 51% – EA Had an extremely boring Conference but we did get to see some Battlefield, TitanFall and Mass Effect. Those 3 games were the stars of the entire conference. Overall the conference was average at best



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