Don’t expect Pokemon Breath of the Wild

For the first time, Pokemon is going to be on an actual console. For the first time, we are going to get a high definition Pokemon game, and everyone is excited but with excitement comes very high expectations. 

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We know Pokemon Switch is coming since it was confirmed at E3 last year. Pokemon Switch is also slated for a 2018 or later release. This means that Pokemon Switch could be coming this year and it if it is then we should be expecting an announcement soon. 

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The one thing a lot of people are expecting from Pokemon Switch is a huge open world where you can go anywhere, catch anything and battle anyone. 

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A lot of people have been thinking of this thanks to the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. 

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We have also seen many Unreal Engine 4 videos featuring Pokemon in a massive open world. 

I myself would want this, but I’m just not expecting it. Here are a few reasons why I think “Pokemon Breath of the Wild” will not be happening. 

1. It’s Gamefreaks first HD Game

Gamefreak has never made an HD Pokemon game before. They made an HD game called Tembo the badass elephant a few years ago, but that’s really it. 

Gamefreak is used to make video games for the handheld devices which isn’t as ambitious or difficult as an actual console game. 

We already know transitioning from sub HD to HD is difficult and it is the reason a lot of Wii U games took a while to make. 

I’m not going to expect much from Gamefreak, but maybe when they have made a couple of HD Pokemon games, we can talk about an “open world” Pokemon game. 

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2. It would take years

Pokemon is basically an annual franchise at this point. Sure they have missed some years, but most of the time we get a Pokemon game every year. 

For example, let’s look at the Pokemon cycle on the 3DS. In 2013 we got X/Y, 2014 we got ORAS, in 2015 we got nothing, 2016 we got S/M, and in 2017 we got USUM. 

This means Gamefreak only missed one year during their active years developing Pokemon for the 3DS. 

I’m not expecting Pokemon Switch this year, but if they were to make an open world Pokemon game, it would definitely take a very long time. 

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3. It Would be difficult to make

An open world Pokemon game would be challenging to make. Of course, it probably isn’t impossible but like I said above it would take a  very long time to make. 

There are over 750 Pokemon at this point. Putting them all into an open world with 70+ new ones would be a very challenging thing to do. 

Anyways that’s my take on the whole “open world” Pokemon thing. 

Of course, I would like an open world Pokemon game, but I’m just not expecting it anytime soon. 

Then again I could be wrong, and we could get an open world Pokemon game revealed at E3, and it would set the world on fire so who knows. 

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