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Devil May Cry 5 is the latest game in the popular Character Action Devil May Cry series. The last Devil May Cry game was back in 2013, but the “last” one with white-haired Dante and friends was back in 2008, so it has been over ten years since the last numbered Devil May Cry game released. Devil May Cry 5 had a lot to live up and with long wait comes enormous expectations. Fortunately, Capcom smashed every single expectation I had for this game, and I can say with confidence that this game isn’t just the best Devil May Cry game by a significant, significant margin but it is also the best Character Action game ever made and has finally surpassed the original Bayonetta for me. Devil May Cry 5 is a seriously impressive game and a Game of the Year contender.

The visuals in Devil May Cry 5 are extraordinary, and you tell that this game has extremely high production values. Never would I think that a quite franchise like Devil May Cry would rock visuals like this. The character models in this game were fantastic, and the new designs for Dante, Nero and Virgil were all excellent. Devil May Cry 5 is the first in the series to have a photorealistic look. I wasn’t a huge fan at first, but it eventually grew on me and going forward every Devil May Cry game should rock the photorealistic look. The brilliant thing about this game is the gameplay isn’t sacrificed for the incredible visuals. Devil May Cry 5 is still an entertaining game to play. When it comes to character models, Devil May Cry 5 is untouched. The character models are some of – if not the best of this generation. That said even though the gameplay was not sacrificed in the process the environments most definitely were. The environments in this game were still pretty nice, there were some nice locations here and there, and it was sweet overall, but I would have liked if the environments were a lot grander and “bigger” and more realised. Some of the environments had a “samey” feel to same.

The music in Devil May Cry was impeccable. Devil Trigger is a force to be recocked with. It’s such an incredibly catchy and hype track. Capcom made the perfect decision to make this track Nero’s battle theme. Pulling off combos to trigger this track was always so rewarding, and the Devil Trigger remix against Virgil was also great.

The gameplay in this game overall was fantastic. Nero’s playstyle was similar to his playstyle in Devil May Cry 4, and he has a few neat tricks like his Devil Breaker. The Devil Breaker was a cool inclusion, but hopefully, they get rid of it in the next game as it was an annoyance at times. In Devil May Cry 5 you will play as three characters. Nero Dante and V. Nero is the most straightforward character to play as, and those familiar with Devil May Cry 4 should be very familiar with Nero. Nero wasn’t as fun to use compared to Dante in my opinion. I hated playing as V as his combos were too complicated to pull off. V can fight using summons; his playstyle should complicate those not familiar with action games. V is an acquired taste, definitely not my cup of tea but I can understand if others enjoyed his slow and tactful playstyle. Dante was entertaining to play as – no surprises here as this was the case in Devil May Cry 4 too. Dante has a variety of different skills he can use, and there is just so much variety with Dante compared to Nero.

There was not a lot of boss fights in this game but the sparse amount of bosses were all extremely satisfying. The fight against Virgil with the Devil Trigger remix blasting in the background is a key moment of 2019 already. Devil May Cy 5, is fun sexy and stylish.

The plot in Devil May Cry was good if not weird. One thing Capcom should never do again is cut up the plot into segments. The plot was cut into many sections and was hard to follow, and the pacing in this game was questionable. All in all the story was still fun. Devil May Cry 5 is no Devil May Cry 3 when it comes to story, but it was still pleasant overall.

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Overall I’m delighted with how Devil May Cry 5 turned out, and it is clear that the franchise has a bright future ahead of it.

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