Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Review

I don’t actually have a review of any Devil May Cry game on this site yet, and personally, I think now it’s the perfect time to review them all just in time for the anticipated Devil May Cry 5. I’ll start with 4, then follow up with DmC: Devil May Cry and then finally the Devil May Cry HD Collection for the PS4/Xbox One and PC

A Pretty Game Let Down by Bad Level Design and Environment

Devil May Cry 4 has definitely stood the test of time, and it looks especially great on the PlayStation 4. I wish more appreciated the visuals and character designs more during the last generation because this game, definitely is a looker and the character models and facial animations still look great today.  You can tell a lot of effort was put into making these character models, Nero especially has a strong design and really blends in well with the art style. The character models are great in general, and it pains me to say this, but the excellent character models were really brought down by the atrocious environment and level design, it still pains me to this day, to the point where I’ve had thoughts that Capcom spent most of their time working on the character models. The very first cutscene in this game was so spectacularly well done, and the sequence with Dante and Nero will go down as one of the best cutscenes in gaming history, it’s just a shame how the visuals were brought down by the actual environment.

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I was immediately hooked to this game after the fight with Nero and Dante, it was breathtaking, then I finally got to explore the world and that’s when my eyes started to fill with tears, I was disappointed and shocked. The environment was shallow, tight and muddy and just repetitive. I felt like everywhere I went was some kind of repeat of another area. It also doesn’t help that some chapters are spent in one area for a long time, the minigames and level design were utter horrors and Fortuna Castle, for me, will go down as one of the worst areas in a video game.


A forgettable and Dull Soundtrack

Devil May Cry has never really been known for its soundtrack. The soundtrack in most Devil May Cry games are mediocre at best with a few notable tracks here and there like Devil’s Never Cry in Devil May Cry 3. Devil May Cry 4 does nothing to change this, and it has no notable tracks. The soundtrack in Devil May Cry 4 was incredibly dull and forgettable, and it falls short compared to other Capcom games. The battle theme in this game was atrocious and grating. Sometimes I would dread fighting enemies because of the unbearable battle theme. Don’t go into Devil May Cry 4 expecting some kind of top-tier soundtrack.

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Character Action At It’s Best

Capcom nailed the gameplay in game; Devil May Cry 4 is by far the best playing and the most wackiest Devil May Cry game to date. The combat system has a lot of depth, Capcom struck gold with the combat in this game, I never found myself getting bored performing over the top combos and juggling between the Devil Bringer and the Red Queen and at times the Blue Rose.

In Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Nero can use the Red Queen and the Blue Rose and his Devil Bringer. The Devil Bringer is especially good for performing sweet combos. The Blue Rose is his gun and can be upgraded to learn new techniques. The Red Queen is Nero’s Sword can also be upgraded to learn new techniques, together with these different weapons you can perform insane combos. 

It is best to play Devil May Cry 4 SE with turbo mode turned on, turbo mode is such an excellent setting, and it made the battles so much more fun and satisfying.

I was a little bit disappointed with the boss fights in Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition as they weren’t as fun or satisfying to fight, but that also has to do with the poor level design. Capcom nailed the combat system and character models but didn’t really nail anything else, which is a shame.

In Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition you can also play as Dante, Virgil, Lady and Trish


Significant Potential Not Met

Devil May Cry 4 wasn’t a great game when it came out and isn’t a great game now. The Special Edition added some neat features but didn’t fix any of the core problems the original game had. Devil May Cry 4 had an fantastic battle system and an excellent opening cutscene, there was a lot of potential, but unfortunately, the potential was not met. If you’re looking for a stylish, over the top hack and slash game, then I recommend you check out Bayonetta 2. Hopefully, Devil May Cry 5 will fix the problems Devil May Cry 4 had.



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