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Detroit is the newest game by Quantic Dream which is led by David Cage and his team. First revealed in 2015 the game finally came out in May and is playable right now. Just like Heavy Rain, Detroit is a good game. It isn’t a masterpiece nor would I say it’s one of the best games released this year, but it is a high quality, well-made game with some minor and major issues. I would recommend to fellow gamers especially if you like decision making video games like The Walking Dead by Telltale or Until Dawn by Supermassive Games. Detroit is probably one of the best games in its genre.

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Utterly Stunning

Detroit is an utterly stunning game. The visuals are exceptional, and the environments are brilliantly designed. Detroit Become Human tries to recreate Detroit to fit its android narrative. The facial animations in this game are downright fantastic. Detroit has some of the best character models I’ve ever seen in a video game, and I don’t say things like this lightly. When you compare Detroit to other first-party Sony games, Detroit definitely beats them all when it comes to facial animations. The only first-party Sony game that corresponds to Detroit’s incredible facial animations is Uncharted 4.

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Detroit especially looks great on a 4K TV on a PS4 Pro. The game looks stunning on the regular PS4, but it looks even better on the PS4 Pro in 4K. That being said, Detroit’s impressive visuals came at a cost. The framerate.

Messy Framerate

Most of Sony’s first-party games run at a smooth 30fps, but this game really struggled to stay at 30fps for some reason. A lot of the time the game would drop in many frames, at one point the game stopped altogether. Moving the camera around also caused the game to lose some frames as well. I don’t know if it’s just a “me” thing but I experienced a drop in frames multiple times during my different playthroughs and to be honest, it was disappointing.


Quantic Dreams nailed the visuals, they nailed the facial animations, and they nailed the environment and captured that “futuristic” feeling but unfortunately they did not nail it with the framerate. I think what Quantic Dream needs to improve on now (on a technical side of things) is to work on the framerate and to take a closer look at it in their next game.

Not…very fun to play

Detroit isn’t a very fun game to play. The experience was great, but the actual gameplay was unappealing and tiresome and very repetitive. I think this is one thing most “story-based” games suffer from. Life is Strange is the only “story-based” game I’ve played that’s managed to get the gameplay right with its interesting and unique mechanics.

Quantic Dream really needs to work on their camera in their next game because the camera in Detroit was atrocious. It was all over the place, and I spent most of the time battling with the annoying camera. The camera would randomly switch directions, and it was just unappealing and aggravating.

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Detroit’s main problem is it’s a slog to play. Everything was just so slow, and the pacing was really poor. This affects the story as well. The game is filled with dull, uninteresting and easy QTEs and most of them suck. QTEs don’t have to be bad. Some games have good QTEs, but Detroit isn’t one of them.

The gameplay in Conor’s story was uncreative and uninspiring. Every time I played with Conor I rolled my eyes. His story was interesting, but his gameplay wasn’t, and if there were an option to turn off the gameplay during Conor’s story I would have.

Most of the time, in Conor’s story you are required to find pieces of evidence and match them all up. It becomes tedious and repetitive after a while. If you’ve played Telltales Batman game, you’ll see where I’m coming from. The gameplay in Conor’s story is very similar to Batman’s gameplay in the Telltale game. It just was not fun.

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That being said I do feel like Quantic Dream tried to make the gameplay in Conor’s story somewhat fun but honestly, I don’t think they got it right.

A Mixed soundtrack with more good than bad

None of the tracks were particularly memorable. Kara had the best set of music in the entire game. Her main theme was magnificent. Conor and Markus? Not so much. Overall the soundtrack was pretty mixed with some good tracks. Other than Kara’s theme, I wouldn’t really say any other track was “excellent.”

A slow but impactful plot

Detroit has an extremely slow start, and that may be fine for some people. For others, it might prevent them from actually playing the game. The game has some pacing issues as well. In Detroit, you play as three Androids. Conor, Kara, and Markus. All of them have different goals. Kara’s goal is to protect Alice, Markus’s goal is to get the Androids freedom and Conor’s goal is to hunt down deviants.

Both Kara and Conor had great stories. Conor’s gameplay wasn’t good, but he did have a well-written story with good side characters.

Conor’s story was painfully slow, and his character and story didn’t get good until I midgame. Conor had the most development out of any of the character in this game. When I eventually finished the game I came to appreciate his plot and his character. David Cage and his team did an excellent job with Conor’s story and made him a likeable character. His start may have been slow, and his character may have been dull at the beginning, but if you can get past that part and get halfway through the game you will eventually start to appreciate him

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Kara’s story was wild. Her story wasn’t as slow as the others. Her story went straight into the action. The beginning scene with Todd and Alice was the highlight of the entire game. The QTE’s weren’t good, but the action was epic. Kara didn’t really develop that much in the game, but I feel like she didn’t need to. Her goal was established at the beginning of the game and remained that way. That’s fine.

Also, there’s Markus. An unlikable character in my opinion. His story wasn’t bad, but it felt random. His development felt incredibly forced and entirely out of character. The reason why I say this is because during the whole “Android Civil War” he was suddenly the “Leader” of the pack and everyone looked up to him like he was some kind of saviour. It made me really dislike his character. He definitely was not as good as Conor or Kara.

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Even then. Detroit overall had a great plot. The Android Civil Right Movement was great; there was a lot of emotions and lot of decisions to make on the spur moment. It was good fun. There are so many choices to pick from in this game to the point it can become quite overwhelming sometimes.

Overall the game was a good game brought down by its tedious gameplay and disappointing framerate. I’m excited to see what David Cage and his team do next.



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