Why the trailer for Death Stranding was one of the worst at E3

Death Stranding. The game that confused everyone, .the game that nobody knows a single thing about except Kojima. Death Stranding was first revealed during Sony’s E3 conference in 2016. The reveal trailer confused everyone, and each trailer gets more and more confusing. At this point it’s frustrating, and I could care less about this game right now because of this.

The newest trailer raised so many questions with no answers. In this new trailer, we see Norman Reedus again, and his name in this game is Sam Porter Bridges. Okay. Their making progress since we know the main characters name now. We see Sam Porter Bridges carrying this massive box, walking around, climbing mountains and swimming in the sea. The trailer just seemed so random. Where was Sam Porter Bridges going with this box and what are they going to do with this box? Why is he delivering this box? Why is this box so special? All of these questions remained unanswered. With each trailer comes confusion. Like jigsaw puzzles all over the place with no way to connect them.

Later we see these “phantoms” or “invisible monsters” We don’t know what they are. The main character is afraid of these phantoms; we know this because Sam was covering his mouth with fear when he was walking. He was terrified of them. These invisible monsters seem to play a big part in this game. We are also introduced to two new characters, and both of these characters are women. We don’t have a name for either of these characters yet but they are played by Lea Seydoux and Lindsey Wagner.

I’m going to assume the character played by Lea Seydoux is going to be one of the main characters of this game. She also appears to be afraid of these “invisible monsters”. Near the end of the trailer, Sam Porter Bridges is sucked into this dark hole by the invisible monsters. Why was the character played by Lea Seydoux eating an insect at the end of the trailer?

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The trailer for Death Stranding was terrible because it didn’t tell us, the players anything about this game. It didn’t tell us what to expect; it didn’t tell us how the game was going to play like. All we saw was Sam Bridge Porter walking around with a big box. How is the combat system going to work? Is there even any combat? It’s okay if there isn’t, but we shouldn’t have to ask questions like these after two years. All of these questions remain unanswered.

It’s impossible for me to care about Death Stranding. The game was revealed two years ago, yet we still know absolutely nothing about this game. They have decided to show us bizarre and nonsensical trailers after another for two years straight. It was fine the first time, but there is a limit. Cyberpunk 2077 had this problem too, but at least it wasn’t as confusing as Death Stranding.

It’s been two years Kojima. We want to know more. The first trailer was intriguing but it shouldn’t be like this all of the time

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