Dark Souls 3 Review (PS4,Xbox One,PC)

Dark Souls 3 is an excellent game and it’s a great addition to the Dark Souls series. But beware this game isn’t your typical everyday easy game. This game requires skill and effort. If you liked Bloodborne then you will enjoy Dark Souls 3. The graphics in the game are beautiful and the game runs at a steady framerate. That being said the PC version of this game is superior to the console version in my opinion. People might prefer the console version, but I prefer the PC version because the game runs at 30fps on consoles and on PC the game can run at 60fps depending on your PC and specs playing this game in 60fps is glorious and in my opinion playing this game in 60fps is more enjoyable than playing it in 30fps. Games like these deserve to be played in 60fps.  Dark Souls 3 is also a  fitting end to the series. The game also has excellent controls and the game has magnificent cinematic’s. The gameplay in Dark Souls 3 is outstanding and the game is definitely the best action RPG of this year so far. The game also has a splendid story. If you play games for the story then you will definitely enjoy Dark Souls 3. 

That being said this game is extremely difficult. If you found Dark Souls 2 or Bloodborne hard then you will definitely find this game hard. This game is not a walk in the park. I had a very tough time playing this game myself hence the reason why this review came so late. Still, I recommend you pick up this game and try it for yourself. The game might be easy for you. This is just based on my experience. I found the game to be extremely hard and I kept dying at bosses but in the end, I had lots of fun with this game. 

Dark Souls 3 is a game most people will enjoy. It can be very fun exploring and killing enemies and the boss fights can be thrilling and exciting. Dark Souls 3 is an outstanding game, but it’s not as good as Bloodborne in my opinion. Bloodborne was much more fun and exciting. The enemies in this game can be very interesting and the areas in this game are nicely designed and I also like the way this game has a variety of weapons and armor and the sidequests in Dark Souls 3 can be very interesting. That being said the enemies can be too powerful and I hate getting trapped in a corner in this game. The camera in the game wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad either. The camera can be a pain sometimes but not all the time. 

Overall, I enjoyed Dark Souls 3. This game is a fantastic conclusion to the Dark Souls series. If you’re looking for a challenge this summer then buy this game. This game will keep you busy throughout the summer. 

The Good

  • There are big areas to explore
  • Interesting enemies
  • Challenging
  • Excellent graphics
  • Excellent Story
  • Excellent Cinematics
  • Fun Sidequests 

The Bad

  • Camera isn’t great

Verdict – 95% – Dark Souls 3 is the best action rpg of this year so far. The game is interesting, fun and challenging. 






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