BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Review

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is the latest game in the long-running BlazBlue franchise. This game is quite a random crossover featuring characters from Persona 4, RWBY (barely) and Under Night in Birth By Sleep. This is definitely an ambitious crossover, and the concept on paper is great. Who wouldn’t want a BlazBlue crossover featuring characters from 3 different franchises? Unfortunately, even though this is a great concept on paper, the team at Arc System Works didn’t deliver in my opinion, and it’s disappointing coming after the fantastic Dragon Ball Fighter Z. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle had a lot of potential but in the end, it ended up being a huge disappointment, and this is by far the weakest BlazBlue game to date.

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Outdated Sprites

One huge problem I had with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was with the sprites. Back in 2008 when BlazBlue first launched, it was a beautiful 2d fighting game with high-quality 2d sprites for every character and the game was rewarded for its amazing sprites that definitely took a lot of time to make.

Today these sprites are no longer appealing to look at and instead come across a bit lazy in my opinion. This is especially true for the BlazBlue characters and almost all of the Persona 4 and Under Night in Birth By Sleep Characters.

The reason why I say this is because these sprites especially look bad on a big HD TV and you can really see their age on the TV. The sprites come across as blurry and hazy. This is especially true when you compare them to the RWBY characters.

The RWBY characters in this game were made with beautiful 2d sprites to match this modern game and look stunning in battle.

One thing I can hope for is for Arc System Works to redo all the BlazBlue sprites to meet current standards because as of now, they are definitely outdated in my opinion


Not The BlazBlue You Remember

BlazBlue is known for it’s complex but rewarding gameplay, a confusing move list and skills and combos that can take days, even months to perfect. Similar to Guilty Gear, BlazBlue games are usually games you have to put a lot of effort into. This is not the case with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

All of the characters in this game are accessible and are quite easy to use. This game does not play like BlazBlue at all, and for some, that may be a bad thing, while for others this may be a great thing. If you struggled to pull off combos with Ragna in BlazBlue Central Fiction, I highly doubt you will struggle to pull off Ragna’s flashy moves in this game.

Recently Arc System Works has been making their games more accessible for newcomers. Dragon Ball Fighter Z is another easy fighting game which released earlier this year, and it’s a fantastic game too. Arc System Works managed to create a game that’s perfect for newcomers yet appropriate for veterans too, and it seems they are doing this with BlazBlue as well.

As a long time BlazBlue fan who has been playing BlazBlue for almost ten years now, this easily accessible gameplay is a little bit disappointing for me. It’s less rewarding and in general too easy in my opinion. That being said, if you’re new BlazBlue, then this would have been the perfect game to start with if there weren’t so many flaws.

The game is still fun and chaotic and flashy, and the gameplay is still good, but if you’re used to the old school Calamity Trigger then you’ll be disappointed.

In BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle you will pick two characters and use those two characters to fight against the opposing team, you can switch between characters in battles and perform special move using both of these characters. These characters can also be used as an assist in action. The game also adds some new gameplay mechanics like the Resonance Blaze.

A Great Soundtrack

One thing I have to say about this game is the music in the game is great. Cross Tag Battle takes the soundtracks from BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, RWBY and Under Night in Birth By Sleep and mashes them all together, so you can pick your favourite track from one of these franchise and use them during battle.

I especially liked the RWBY music in this game as it was refreshing.


Poor Roster and Poor Content

One thing I dislike about this game is the roster. The roster is the biggest disappointment in this game as I really felt they could have made a much more exciting and compelling roster. It also does not help that half of the roster is locked behind a paywall.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle suffer from poor DLC practices, and it really affected my enjoyment for this game. The RWBY sides of things are hugely disappointing as the full team wasn’t even completed at launch.

The roster, in general, was too safe. I felt they could have added a lot more interesting characters from each of these franchises.

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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle also lacks in game modes and with some of the modes included, there isn’t much to do in them.

The poor roster and lack of game modes is definitely a massive flaw, and it’s a shame most fighting games this generation have suffered from this same exact problem.


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