The Best Video Game Box Arts Of All Time

Delicious Video Game box arts are my favourite thing about this industry. A lot of games over the years have had great box arts while others have had abominations. Anyways here are the top 10 video game box arts of all time.

Devil May Cry 5

Image result for devil may cry 5 1920x1080 boxart

Some may say recency bias, but I don’t think so. I fell in love with the Devil May Cry 5 box art the minute it was revealed. First of all, it’s the best Devil May Cry box art of all time. No question. And secondly, it just looks incredibly slick and stylish. You have Nero, Dante and V walking like it’s them against the world, and you see demons hidden in the background. Plus the logo is stunning. It’s an excellent boxart all around.

9. The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D

Image result for majora mask 3d 1920x1080 boxart

I’m usually not a fan of crowded box arts like Dragon Ball Tenkaichi 3 or Persona 5, but The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask boxart is one of a kind. It’s a very different boxart for a Zelda game. It’s dark, gritty and mysterious with Skull Kid at the very top and the moon looking as angry as ever.

8. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Related image

This one was actually my phone background for a long time. Believe it or not us in Europe got a different boxart. It still looks great, but the North American Breath of the Wild Boxart is one of the greatest of all time and the best Zelda boxart. You get a sense of revolution and new beginning when looking at this box art, and that’s what Breath of the Wild is all about. A fresh start.

7. NieR Automata (Japanese)

Image result for NieR Automata 1920x1080 boxart japanese

It’s an absolute shame that we in the west got the horrible western box art. The western box art was such a mess compared to this gorgeously designed Japanese box art. What was Square Enix even thinking? Did they believe that this beautiful Japanese boxart would not appeal to the west? Crazy. Thankfully this was fixed in the Game of the Year version, but I’m still annoyed that it took two whole years before the west got this amazing box art.

6. Metal Gear Solid 3

Image result for Metal Gear Solid 3 snake eater 1920x1080 boxart

It wouldn’t be right to make a “Best Video Game Box Arts of all Time” without at least one Metal Gear Solid box art making the list. So here it is. Metal Gear Solid 3. Yoji Shinkawa is a legend, and all Metal Gear games have excellent box arts.

5. Kingdom Hearts III

Image result for Kingdom Hearts 3 1920x1080 boxart

I still remember being in complete shock when Square Enix revealed this box art on Twitter. The box art for Kingdom Hearts 3 is incredibly good. The whole gang is there, and it looks like a shoutout to the original Kingdom Hearts box art. 10/10

4. DOOM 2016 Alternative Cover

Related image

DOOM 2016 doesn’t have a good cover. In fact, it’s very mediocre, but the good thing is the game came with an alternative box art. I actually did not notice this alternative box art until I finished the game and got really mad with myself for not seeing it earlier. This should have been the official box art, but the good thing is the Switch version of the game has this beautiful piece of art as the official box art so all is well.

3. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Related image

This boxart is cool. Yes, I think the word “cool” sums up this boxart pretty well. Everyone looks so smug and overconfident in this boxart. Sora is sitting like he can do no wrong, Riku looks like he’s about to conquer the world and Kairi looks like she doesn’t have any time for fun and games. This is such a simple yet beautifully designed box art.

2. Demon Souls (Japanese)
Image result for Demon souls japanese boxart 1920x1080


As I type this, I’m just thinking of a glorious 4k Demon Souls remake. Yum. Demon Souls has the best boxart out of all the Souls games including Bloodborne. Look at this and tell me this is a bad box art. Again this is a simple yet striking piece of art.

1. Kingdom Hearts

Related image

The original Kingdom Hearts has the bext boxart of all time. It’s just so extraordinary. You see a bunch of anime characters with Donald Duck and Goofy sitting on some kind of old building. The sky is hazy and ominous, the setting is uncanny and everything just looks incredibly mysterious and bizarre. You can’t tell what kind of game this is by just looking at the box art. This is Nomura’s best artwork to date in my opinion.

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