7 Days To Die Review (PS4)


7 Days to Die is an alright game ON PC. The PS4 Port of this game is atrocious and the game has many issues and bugs and glitches which are unacceptable. It was like they purposely rushed this game to meet the summer release. It’s pretty obvious no time and effort was put into porting this game and I don’t recommend this game to anyone for obvious reasons, if you want to try 7 Days to Die I recommend you get the game on Steam. The developer probably knew about all of this, but decided not to fix them this game isn’t a good game it’s far from a good game, the game isn’t a bad game either heck the game worse than bad. 

7 Days to Die has a terrible story the game is basically about a survivor who has to find shelter, food, water and weapons to fend off mutants. Nothing interesting. This game is as bad as Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5. The game has disgusting glitches which  makes the game less enjoyable, The game has dreadful frame – rate issue (like seriously it’s 2016 at least make the game have a stable frame-rate. Frame rate is the MOST important thing in a video game like come on). The game has an extremely bland world (If you’re going to make a Survival game at least make it have a good world design). The game also suffers from terrible controls. And did I forget to mention the graphics in this game are hideous. People say frame-rate is more important than graphics (Which I completely agree) but if the frame-rate and graphics are terrible then whats the point?! How could they mess up both the frame-rate and graphics?! How is that even possible?!. 

In 7 Days To Die the character has many different combat options and the character has different ways to stay alive, but the thing is all the combat options are dreadful and it’s pretty hard to “stay alive”if your game is glitching and dropping in frames. The game has an awful soundtrack and it has annoying glitches. There is nothing good about this game and nobody should buy this game for the PS4. If you want to at least enjoy this game a bit, then buy it on PC the PS4 version is not worth it. That being said, the game did have a great concept but in the end a concept, is a concept and a concept doesn’t make a game better. The game reminds me a lot of Minecraft, Elder Scrolls and Fallout and you know what this game could have been good if they didn’t rush it. Unfortunately the game was rushed and in the end this game ended up becoming nothing more than a glitchy mess. The PS4 Version of this game is tremendously bad and if you want to “really enjoy”7 Days To Die then get the PC version on Steam. 

The Good 

  • Good Concept

The Bad

  • Extremely poor visuals
  • Un-stable framerate
  • Bad Combat System
  • Bland World
  • Terrible controls
  • Terrible music 


Verdict – 7% – 7 Days To Die is a disaster. The game suffers from poor visuals and controls and the game also has frame-rate issues and glitches. This is one of the worst ports in existence 


5 thoughts on “7 Days To Die Review (PS4)

  1. Question, do you check your punctuation?
    This review looks more rushed than the the claim you make.
    This game isn’t broken, it is worth a higher rating than .7. but hey, ANYTHING FORCLICKS! AMIRIGHT!

  2. This 2016 I mean come on when indie and retro games get drooled over you’re being harsh. This games has unpolished textures but nothing that infringes on the game and the world gets destroyed and rebuilt by you could be why it’s bland. If you like Minecraft you will like this, or zombies. Sixteen days into this game.

  3. may want to check your grammar before you rant about a game that is worth much more than a .7

    is it playable, yes, that makes it at least a 1/10

  4. Even though it’s a finished game it’s more like it’s in preview there still updating and fixing things just yesterday they patched somethings, if you enjoy games like minecraft or ark then you will love this game, I agree it’s a bit confusing at first but it gets good.

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